Significant Kathmandu Travel Tips that You Must Keep in Mind

Whenever we think about Nepal, the first thing that comes to our mind is Kathmandu. From students to businessmen and families, this place is a perfect destination for all. No doubt, the locals at Kathmandu are very welcoming but precautions are always better than cure. So, before planning your trip here just, keep in mind some really Significant Kathmandu Travel Tips. They will surely help you in making your holidays worth memorable. 

  • Kathmandu is a treat for a lot of trekkers but people should avoid solo trekking here. In the past few years, many disappearing cases from Kathmandu have hit the headlines, so it’s better to be at the safer side. If you don’t have anyone along then, team up with a random trekker through social media and go ahead with your plan.
  • One of the important Kathmandu Travel Tips that all the party lovers must keep in mind is, late-night bars are strictly prohibited here. If you want to dance and enjoy then, go early in the evening because by 10 PM all the noisy places shut down.
  • There is no harm in learning some main words in the language of the locals in Kathmandu. Nepalis love communicating with people who know their mother tongue, even if they are strangers. So, try to remember and recall frequently common used words like “Dhanyabad” (thank you), “Namaste”, “Bhai” (young brother) or “Dai” (older brother) and “Didi” (older sister) or “Baini” (younger sister). This way, you will get more help and warm hospitality which will make you feel good.
  • This is one of the most important Kathmandu travel tips. Nepali people are not very punctual and do not give much importance to time like other countries. So, no matter what service you booked, just keep in mind that it might get one hour late and you cannot lash on anyone about it.
  • The most exciting places you must not forget exploring in Kathmandu are Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Thamel, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Langtang National Park. Apart from these, if you want to spend some romantic time with your partner then, some best places to visit in Kathmandu for couples are Garden of Dreams, Nagarkot, NarayanHiti Palace, Jawalakhel Zoo, Chandragiri Hills and Bhaktapur.
  • When confused about where to stay in Kathmandu, then simply go and book a place in Thamel because it is the hub of good Hotels and, also major tourist attractions are nearby. The two most popular Kathmandu hotels are The Kathmandu Guest House and, The Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel. Along with this, you can also keep a secondary option of Hotels in the freak street which is located in Durbar Square.
  • Most amazing things to do in Kathmandu are, stand and see the breathtaking view from the top of the famous Monkey Temple, Try various kinds of dumplings, explore various temples and know about their interesting history, roam around in the Thamel District, go for the local shopping at the Ason and Mangal Bazaars, go for hiking or you can even see the exotic view of highest mountains at low fares from the plane.
  • If you are planning to go to Kathmandu for 3 to 4 days then, do spend one of your days in Pokhara. It’s one of the most popular tourist spots in Nepal and is also known as ‘City of Seven Lakes’. The views of the snow-capped mountains will make you feel like Heaven. It’s magnificent natural beauty and the serene lakes grab a lot of people here and you cannot just resist from gazing at it.
kathmandu travel tips

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Kathmandu Travel Tips for Weather

Kathmandu is considered one of the most polluted cities and, also the air is too dirty and dry there. So, people, who have respiratory issues or are sensitive must wear a mask when in Kathmandu. People with weak immune systems have more chances of getting allergies and body reactions, so take safety measures beforehand. The other important thing you must know is, never plan a trip to Kathmandu during monsoon. The situation of the roads is pathetic due to the poor sewage system and also it’s too muddy and wet to walk properly.

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Q1: Which are the most famous markets to visit in Kathmandu?

Ason Bazaar and Pote Bazaar are the two most famous markets in Kathmandu. You can find some really good garments, woollens, blankets and yummy street food here.

Q2: How far is Pokhara from Kathmandu?

Pokhara is 205Kms away from Kathmandu. There are options for flights and cars both to reach Pokhara. Flights take 30 mins whereas cars take approximately 6 to 8 hours.

Q3: Which is the best time to visit Kathmandu?

October to December is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

Q4: Is Kathmandu a safe city?

It totally depends on the places you visit. Some parts are quite safe and sound whereas some are not meant to be explored alone because of the criminal activities that take place.

Q5: Which is the best hotel to have a luxurious stay in Kathmandu?

Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel in Thamel is the beat to have a comfortable and luxurious stay in Kathmandu.

Q6: Which are the popular tourist attractions near Thamel District?

Popular attractions to explore near Thamel District are Swayambhunath Temple, Kopan Monastery, Mandala Street and Boudhanath Stupa.

By Anant Singh