Ethiopia Travel Tips That You Must Know Before Visiting There

Looking for a Wonderland in Africa? Then, do not think twice and go on a trip to Ethiopia. From beautiful mountains, lush green surroundings, breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, ancient cultures to some eye-striking churches this place surely adds up to one of the must-visit destinations.

Though planning a trip to Ethiopia is not very complicated but still due to a different language, unique people and diverse traditions you must be aware of some of the important Ethiopia travel tips. Thus, to make your trip easy going and fun to remember we have listed down the main things that you must know before visiting Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Travel Tips

15 Ethiopia Travel Tips (Know Before You Go)

  • Among the Ethiopia travel tips, the one you must keep in mind is, don’t forget to keep warm clothes. Because of high elevations, the weather in Ethiopia always remains cool.
  • To explore the entire city you need at least a week in Ethiopia but if not then, book tours, guides and drivers beforehand to avoid the last-minute hustle.
  • Make a checklist of all the places you want to visit in advance so that you don’t waste time in deciding where to go.
  • Belittle careful while asking time from people in Ethiopia. The reason behind this is, locals there count time in a unique way. They measure the time based on when the sunrise.
  • If you are a coffee lover then, don’t forget to try out there famous Ethiopian coffee.
  • Another important thing that comes under Ethiopia travel tips is its currency. The currency of Ethiopia is the birr and they do not accept US Dollars like the other African countries.
  • To get a little understanding of their culture, food, and places go through the Ethiopia travel blog. It is the best way to give you an insight into how you should plan your trip there.
  • Some places in Ethiopia have high chances of being exposed to Malaria so, it’s better to have Malaria pills in advance before you leave for any Ethiopia road trip. As per the health concern, this is also amongst the crucial Ethiopia travel tips which everyone should remember.
  • The internet connection in Ethiopia is just too weak and rarely will you find the Wifi. However, at the reception of some international Hotels, you will surely find a good speed internet.
  • Don’t forget to travel at some of the most popular tourist attractions in Ethiopia including, Bole, Meskal Square and Piazza. You can take blue public minibusses if you don’t want to spend much on commuting.
  • Take help from Ethiopia travel itinerary because it is the most suitable guide for any backpacker. From flights, hotels to safety you will get an idea of how to manage things in all aspects.
  • When it comes to Ethiopia travel tips, then how can we forget about its culture? It is home to different people practicing unique cultures. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have roots here so, do experience all of them and, see how locals there have still maintained the historical importance.
  • No restaurant will serve you the food in utensils as people in Ethiopia eats on a piece of injera (a type of bread) which is their national dish.
  • Talking about Ethiopia travel tips as per the weather is concerned, avoid going in the months between mid- June to mid-September. They are the rainy seasons in Ethiopia and you will not be able to enjoy and do activities that are quite possible during the dry season.
  • Don’t forget to try their best known spicy dishes like a stew with bege, bure, figal or doroalicha. For vegetarians, the popular dishes are messer and Shiro.

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Q1: How is the weather in Ethiopia?

Due to high altitude, it is mostly cold so, do not forget to wear layers of clothes in Ethiopia

Q2: Which is the hottest month in Ethiopia?

May is the hottest month in Ethiopia.

Q3: Which are the best season for trekking in Ethiopia?

The best trekking weather is in between October and March which are the dry season.

Q4: What is the best time of year to visit Ethiopia?

The best time to visit Ethiopia is between October and June. The reason behind this is, the rain stops at this time and after that, everything turns lush and green.

Q5: Is Ethiopia safe?

Though most of the African countries are unsafe Ethiopia is the only one where hardly any crime takes place, so it’s absolutely safe for exploring. Just be a little careful from pickpocketing.

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