All Major Wildlife Sanctuaries in Dholpur & Nearby Places

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Dholpur

Dholpur is a princely state of India situated at the easternmost part of Rajasthan and on the left bank of the great Chambal river. The place is very famous for its red sandstone which was even used to build the red fort in Delhi. If you are coming to Dholpur you can witness old civilizations, rich heritage culture and some very good attractions. If you are coming here for the first time you are going to be fascinated by the beauty and traditions of this place.

There are many beautiful and eye-catching spots in Dholpur with some very popular places where you can witness varieties of flora and fauna. Dholpur is home to many big wildlife sanctuaries where you can spend some peaceful time with your family, enjoy the atmosphere and see some animals and birds on a wildlife safari. Apart from visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries in Dholpur, you can make time for Sightseeing In Dholpur and see some vintage architecture.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Dholpur

Wildlife Sanctuary in Dholpur

If you are coming to Dholpur to explore the variety of flora and fauna then you must visit these famous wildlife sanctuaries in Dholpur.

1. Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary is very famous for its variety of flora and fauna and the beautiful landscape of this sanctuary attracts the people. The van vihar wildlife sanctuary is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuary in Dholpur, covering an area of 25 sq. km. and do not confuse it for van vihar national park which is located in Bhopal. The sanctuary is situated at the Vindhyan Plateau 18 km far from Dholpur in Bari division. The wildlife sanctuary came into existence in 1955 and it is famous for its Dhok and Khair trees throughout the region. The sanctuary has a wide variety of fauna that includes, sambhar, chital, blue bull, wild boar, sloth bear, hyena, and leopards.

  • Entry Fees: INR 5 for Indians and INR 10 for foreigners.
  • Timings & Days: 8:00 AM – 05:00 PM (All days of the week)
  • Time Required: 3 hours

2. Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Another famous sanctuary of Dholpur, the Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the vicinity of Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary. The total distance between these two sanctuaries is approximately 18 km hence you can visit both of them on a single day. There is a lake named Ramnagar lake in the sanctuary that invites many foreign birds during the winters. The whole sanctuary covers an approximate area of 34.45 The Wildlife sanctuary is home to freshwater crocodiles, snakes, and many other reptiles. The mesmerizing lake has more than 95 species of fish inside and some of them are quite rare. 

  • Entry Fees: INR 5 for Indians and INR 10 for foreigners.
  • Timings & Days: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (All days of the week)
  • Time Required: 3-4 hours

3. Kesar Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kesar Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary is another treat for nature lovers spread over an area of 14.76 sq. km in the Dholpur district of Rajasthan. The water flowing from the Aravalli ranges into the beautiful lakes creates a more mesmerizing view for the people who came to explore the beauty of this place. The wildlife sanctuary came into existence in 1955. You will find dry deciduous forests in the wild and a variety of animal species including jackal, sloth bear, jungle cat, wild boar, hyena, and some other species.

  • Entry Fees: Not known
  • Timings & Days: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (All days of the week)
  • Time Required: 2-3 hours

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Places to visit near Dholpur Wildlife Sanctuary

There are several cultural places and archaeological wonders that you can visit if you are planning to visit the wildlife sanctuaries in Dholpur. If you are visiting the above-mentioned wildlife sanctuaries then here are some nearby places near these sanctuaries that you can visit during your trip.

Shergarh Fort Dholpur

The Shergarh fort dholpur, Rajasthan is a famous fort also known as the dholpur fort is 4.5 km far from the van vihar wildlife sanctuary. The fort is named after Sher Shah Suri who captured it from King Maldev. It is situated on the bank of the famous Chambal river. The fort is said to be 500 years old and paying a visit to the archaeological wonder is a great way to add more memories to your trip.

Shergarh Fort Dholpur

Machkund Temple

The temple gets its name from the famous ruler of the Suryavanshi Dynasty, Raja Machchh Kund who was the 24th king of the dynasty. The temple has a reservoir inside which is surrounded by a series of temples of different dates. It is a beautiful sacred place surrounded by scenic views that grabs the attention of all the people. One must visit this place if they are on a trip to visit the wildlife sanctuary in dholpur.

Machkund Temple

Damoye Waterfall

Damoye waterfall is around 6.3 km from the Ram Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary. Usually, the waterfall is not active throughout the year but during the monsoon period from July to September, you can see the mesmerizing beauty of this waterfall and its nearby lush green views. It is a huge cave-like valley where a water stream falls from a height of 150 feet making it a treat to watch.

Damoye Waterfall

Khanpur Mahal & Talab E Shahi

The Khanpur Mahal is a Mughal monument that is built on the banks of the Talab E Shahi. The atmosphere of this beautiful place attracts a large variety of migratory birds every year which includes Pintails, shoveler, red-crested pochard, common pochard, tufted duck, common teal, garganey teal. The place is close to all the major Wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan and offers great views and picture-perfect locations.

Khanpur Mahal & Talab E Shahi

Frequently Asked Questions about Dholpur Wildlife Sanctuaries

Q1: What is the best time to visit Dholpur?

Although one can visit this place any time throughout the year but the best time of the year is November to March.

Q2: What are the major attractions that one should not miss in Dholpur?

You must visit the Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, Khanpur Mahal and Shergarh Fort In Dholpur.

Q3: How do you reach Dholpur?

You can reach dholpur from anywhere by train, bus, airplane or private car.

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