Visit Eiffel Tower at Night for an Unforgettable Experience

Visit Eiffel Tower at Night for an Unforgettable Experience

Standing under Eiffel tower in Paris is mostly everyone’s dream but, visiting it at night is more majestic and feels like heaven. Just remember, some important things when planning to go Eiffel tower at night because only then, you will be able to get that magical vibes.

Watching the city lights from top of this Iron Lady is something you should never miss, it’s an amazing experience. Whether its winters or summers the charm of looking down at the entire city from Paris Eiffel Tower in the dark is simply mesmerizing.

Visit Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel tower tickets and timings

The France Eiffel tower remains open on all 7 days and, timing varies from season to season. Like in summers the timings are mostly from 9:00 AM to 12:45 AM and, in winters the timing is from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. In both cases, if you want to buy the ticket for the top then, you must do it at least one and half hours before the closing time. Just like the time, the ticket price also differs from person to person and, also to the preference of the floor people want to visit.

The best thing you must do to avoid any chaos at the last moment is, book your ticket in advance on the official website of Paris Eiffel tower. They are known as priority tickets and are only available for the ones who want an elevator from the ground floor and, not for the stairs entrance.

Why visit the Eiffel tower at night?

One of the major reasons why you must explore Eiffel tower at night is, it’s less crowded and thus, you don’t have to waste a lot of time in waiting line to buy the tickets. Apart from this, it is the best time to grab the breathtaking view of beautiful city lights around and, also to enjoy the fresh air.

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Not only this, another reason why people love going to Eiffel at night is, because of its dramatic light show that happens only at night. It feels great to easily spot some popular attractions and magnificent churches with gleaming illumination and, having dinner with this sight is like cherry on the cake. Even if you don’t go upstairs, you can easily experience the enchanting view of Eiffel because of its twinkling spotlights all over which, makes it look golden.

Restaurants in Eiffel Tower

Do not forget about the Eiffel tower restaurant when visiting the romantic site at night. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby which offer delicious food, yummy desserts and, exotic drinks to the visitors. Some of the most famous ones you must go for are, Le Bistro Parisien, Brasserie de la Tour Eiffel, Les Ombres, Les Cocottes Tour Eiffel, Wakaba and Le Jules Verne.

Surprising Eiffel tower facts

  • It is the most visited paid monument in the World. No one would ever leave any chance to visit this romantic site.
  • Since its construction, till now Eiffel tower has been painted almost 18 times but the surprising part is, that no artificial method has been ever applied. It is still done with like the old school painting method.
  • Not many people know this, but it is illegal to click a picture of the Eiffel tower at night. The sparkling lights that it displays are considered as an art work and thus, the government has taken copyright to make sure no one can share a picture of it.
  • An American woman by the name of Erika Aya is known as Mrs.Eiffel as she got married to the Tower in a commitment ceremony in 2007.
  • In the beginning, many people protested against this beautiful tower because of its huge size, but later this became the main attraction of Paris.
  • The Eiffel tower was supposed to be built in Barcelona but as the tower design got rejected so, it was not constructed there.
  • Eiffel tower was a temporary installation for a fair but, later an antenna was installed at the top of it to give wireless signals and, due to that it never got demolished.
  • One of the main engineers of Eiffel tower was, Maurice Koechlin who was related to Andre Koechlin, great-grandfather of Bollywood’s actress Kalki Koechlin.


Q1: How tall is the Eiffel Tower?

The height of the Eiffel Tower is 300 m but is 324 m to the tip.

Q2: Who built the Eiffel Tower?

It is named after the engineer “Gustave Eiffel ” whose company designed and built the masterpiece.

Q3: Why was the Eiffel Tower built?

It was the main exhibit of the World’s Fair 1889. It was built to showcase France’s industrial prowess at that time. Later it was not demolished and later became an architectural magnificence.

Q4: Where is the Eiffel tower exactly located?

It is located in Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France.

Q5: Does the ticket for each floor at Eiffel tower varies?

Yes, it varies wildly. Admission tickets with elevator access to the second floor costs 11 Euros, 8.50 Euros etc. Third floor ticket starts from 17 Euros and goes till 25 Euros and is 12 Euros for kids.

Q6: What is the best time to experience the city lights at Eiffel?

The best time to experience the city lights is after sunset till late at midnight.

Q7: Is the Eiffel tower a symbol of love?

It is given the title of “Symbol of Love” for its outstanding architecture and great view of the whole city.

Q8:  At what time does the Eiffel tower’s light show start?

The show starts soon after the sunset and lasts till the midnight closing hours. The glimmering light show occurs every starting 5 minutes of each hour.

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