Vattakanal Waterfalls: The Precious Gem of Nature in Tamil Nadu

Vattakanal Waterfalls is a breathtaking scenic delight that pours down from luxurious hills in Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated almost 3 km from Kodaikanal and is a hidden gem in Palani hill range. Known for its rich biodiversity, this waterfall is a perfect choice for a picnic. A bridge close to the falls makes it a superb place to click pictures. As it is nestled in nature’s lap, its atmosphere remains pleasant.

Although Vattakanal water falls is small, it flows forcefully during monsoons. Being a nature’s treat, this waterfall allures nature lovers. The scenic waterfalls is not just about wonderful views, you can also enjoy various activities around.

Best Time to Visit Vattakanal Waterfalls

The best time to visit Vattakanal waterfalls is during the monsoon when it is at the top of its glory. To marvel at the waterfall glory, hop to this place in July and August when the Vattakanal weather is the most pleasant. You will find it in the best of its beauty and refreshing surroundings. By the waterfalls, a cold-water pool gets formed that adds to its charm. You can enjoy a dip in it and splash with your loved ones for great times.

Although, monsoons bless Vattakanal during July and August but rainfall occurs throughout the year. Summers are between April and June with Vattakanal temperature ranging from 10 to 20 degrees approximately. There is a drop in temperature to an average of approximately 8 to 17 degrees in winters.

How to reach Vattakanal Waterfalls?

You can reach Vattakanal by air or road routes. Being located in proximity to Kodaikanal, you have to reach there first. The nearest airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai (120 km), followed by Trichy (150 km) and Coimbatore (175 km). On reaching there, you can board a cab or trek all the way to Vattakanal from Kodaikanal.

Vattakanal Waterfalls

If you want to reach from Bangalore to Vattakanal, you can either take a flight or board an overnight bus, which arrives in Kodaikanal early morning. From there, hop into cabs to reach Vattakanal. If you have motion sickness, don’t forget to take some medicine along with it. The road is full of turns and is pretty steep but the view en route is worth it.

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For the return journey from Vattakanal to Kodaikanal, you can simply take a cab and reach Kodaikanal in almost half an hour to set on your way back home.

Where to Stay in Vattakanal?

Accommodation here mostly includes Vattakanal homestays, hostels, and a few resorts in the vicinity. Hotels in this quaint town are also good options. Your homestay is inexpensive during the month of October, November, and December. Hostels make even better choices for a stay. Vattakanal resorts are on the expensive side but if luxury is on your mind during your stay here, you can opt for this.

To save money, you can skip the resorts and opt for a homestay or hostel instead. If you visit Vattakanal without making a booking beforehand, the locals will help you find a comfortable place to stay. They will suggest you various options such as budget Vattakanal hotels and local homes. Enjoy the mesmeric views while lounging on the viewing decks of your accommodation. You can also soak in stunning views all around, right from the comfort of your Vattakanal rooms.

Things to do in Vattakanal

While visiting Vattakanal waterfalls, capture nature’s beauty on your camera lens, go for a lovely nature walk, and get your dose of adrenaline with hiking and trekking. Apart from soaking in the beauty all around Vattakanal falls and enjoying the roaring falls, you can indulge in some sightseeing in proximity.

To give you a bird’s eye view, several rocks and watch points are here. You can delight in a visual treat from here of the scenic pleasures around like Dolphin’s Nose and Suicide Point among mighty mountains and wonderful valleys.

Vattakanal Trek

As Vattakanal is blessed by dense woods, it is correct to name it Vatta (circle) and Kanal (forest). Its lush beauty thus, attracts backpackers to explore the lovely greens through a trek. Trekking in Vattakanal is mostly taken up from September to December. The most loved trek route is the cliff in the south of Palani Hills, owing to its extraordinary scenic charm. The best part about the Vattakanal trek is the music of water trickling next to you all through the time you are trekking.

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The trek can be started early morning or noon and can be completed in 3-4 hours approximately. Your trekking trails take you through dense forests, Shola Nursery, and the Pambar Falls. You can refuel yourself by munching on fresh snacks served by food shacks on the way.

Altaf cafe Vattakanal is a small restaurant, located at the starting point of the trek leading to mountain green valley view echo Rock, Dolphin Nose of kodaikanal. Don’t miss to try falafels, ginger honey lemon tea, shakshouka, pita bread with hummus and noodles. You can relish Lebanese, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine also.

Vattakanal Waterfalls - Altaf cafe Vattakanal
Altafs Cafe, Vattakanal, kodaikanal

To be precise, Vattakanal imparts to you a peaceful environment that you have been looking for. By 8-9 PM, the place turns tranquil. It is said that during your Vattakanal stay, you will notice that words spoken softly can be heard from a distance of over 50 meters! Partake in soothing and serene environs at these gurgling water falls. Feel your stress washing out with your trip to this place. So, plan your vacation to Vattakanal falls today and be prepared to absorb the peace spread there generously.


 Q1: How much time is required to explore Vattakanal Waterfalls?

1-2 hours are sufficient to spend at Vattakanal Waterfalls. However, you can choose to stay there longer before the sunset.

Q2: Does the waterfall have entry fee charges?

No, there is no entry fee to reach the waterfalls.

Q3: Is the waterfall visible from the road or tourists need to walk to the fall?

Yes, you can stop your vehicle nearby and watch the waterfall. But for the best view it is recommended to walk over to the waterfalls.

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