Experience the Mesmerizing Tiger Hill in Darjeeling for your Vacations

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

Have you been planning a vacation? Are you looking for a holiday destination with your family? Consider Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. The beautiful holiday destination caters to your specific needs of spending quality time with your beloved or the family in the best possible way. When you consider a holiday destination meeting your needs, Darjeeling would be the foremost choice of most couples. The mesmerizing weather and the serene sights would spoil you for the choice of options.

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

Rest assured Darjeeling has been the hotspot for both the vacationers and the backpackers for a significant length of time. If you were planning a vacation with your beloved, Darjeeling is the place to be. With tiger hill sunrise point Darjeeling becoming largely popular as a tourist hotspot; let us delve on how to make the most of your stay in the holiday destination.

Reaching Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

Knowledge about your destination would help you save time and effort. The road to Tiger Hill in Darjeeling would not be confusing and troublesome, provided you know the route. Tiger Hill is merely 13 km away from the Darjeeling city. You could reach Tiger Hill from different routes. The nearest train station is merely 33 km away from Tiger Hill. Apart from reaching Tiger Hill through the Siliguri Jn Train Station, you could also reach the holiday destination via Bagdogra or NJP. As a result, you would have several choices of routes made available to reach Tiger Hill.

However, the best way to reach Tiger Hill would be taking the transport choice on reaching Siliguri, NJP, or Bagdogra. You would have several options to reach Darjeeling. Make the most of the ride on the famous Toy Train operated by the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or take a private taxi. You could also use a bus transport service to reach Darjeeling. The various transport options would help you enjoy various places to visit in Darjeeling.

The time to reach Tiger Hill could vary based on your location in Darjeeling. Several routes would lead to Tiger Hill from Darjeeling. However, you would be required to reach the base of the hill through the given routes. A good option would be hiring a jeep from Alubari, Chowrasta, or Jore Bangla according to your convenience.

After reaching the base of the tiger hill at Darjeeling, consider completing your journey on foot. You would reach the summit without any difficulty. The path would ensure you have a pleasant walk to reach the destination.

The sunrise viewing point in Tiger Hill

Do you wish to witness the serene mountains hit by the first rays of the sun? Consider getting up early to reach the sunrise view point in Tiger Hill. The twin peaks of Kangchenjunga along with the spectacular view of Everest in the distance will be a sight you do not want to miss for anything. The first rays of the sun hitting the peaks would illuminate the sky with breathtaking colors. The splendid sunrise view at the sunrise viewing point through the peaks has been alluring tourists from far corners of the world. It has become a must-visit place in Tiger Hill.

The highest point in Tiger Hill, popularly called the ‘summit of Ghoom’ is widely popular for the captivating view of the Mt. Everest and Mt. Kangchenjunga. The snow-clad mountain would brighten up your day when the first light from the sun reaches the tip of the mountain. The pale orange sight should not be missed for anything. The sunrise view from Tiger Hill Darjeeling would be a great start to the day. Consider reaching the spot early to capture the mesmerizing beauty of nature at its finest.

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Enjoying sunrise at Tiger Hill

Enjoy sunrise at tiger hill with the first light of the sun gradually appearing on the snow-clad peaks of Mt. Kangchenjunga, the morning sun would emit an orange light to brighten the shadowy hills. Eventually, the hills would transform into a glowing yellow brightness with time. It would only take a few minutes for the compelling event to pass. Do not forget to memorialize the trip with some snacks bought from the local shops. You would find the most scrumptious local food along with samosas, pakoras, and tea to fill up your tummy.

What is the best time to visit Tiger Hill?

Now that you have planned your vacation at Darjeeling, consider the best time to visit tiger Hill. Despite most holiday destinations are open round the year, you should look for the right time to enjoy your vacations. On this note, you should visit Tiger Hill during the autumn season, ranging from mid of October to December and during the spring season, ranging from mid of February to April. You would witness the glory of the snow-clad mountains at their fullest during these months.

Be spoilt for tour packages to Darjeeling

When it comes to visiting the beautiful place called ‘Darjeeling’, rest assured to be spoilt for packages to suit all budgets. You would have numerous packages at the offer to meet your specific needs and budget. The Honeymoon Trip to Darjeeling would offer you with a wide range of hotels meeting your specific requirements. The package could be customized to your needs without hurting your pocket.

Apart from the honeymoon trip to the mystical land, you could enjoy a fun-filled Family Trip at an affordable price. You would be spoilt for choice of options meeting your needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The place would offer you memories worth your money and time.

Darjeeling tour packages online

To make the most of your stay at Darjeeling, consider the Darjeeling Tour Package. The tour package could be customized based on your budget, duration of stay, and the places you intend to visit. If you were searching for a budget-friendly package, rest assured to explore the online realm. An array of Darjeeling tour packages has been suitable for your needs and budget.

The place is heaven on earth. Do not miss the fun-filled adventure and mesmerizing places to visit in Darjeeling with customized packages at your behest.

FAQs about Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

Q1: Why is Tiger Hill Famous?

Tiger Hill is located 11kms (6.8 miles) from Darjeeling town and above Ghum. It’s the highest point in Darjeeling hills at an altitude of 8482 feet (or 2590 meters).

Q2: How far is Tiger Hill from Darjeeling?

Tiger Hill is 13 km away from the city of Darjeeling.

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