Top Reasons Why You Must Book Surf Trip To Costa Rica After Quarantine Will End

Surf Trip To Costa Rica

If you haven’t tried surfing in your life, you better ignite your surfing experience by planning a wonderful surf trip to Costa Rica. Wondering why? Keep reading to unlock persuasive answers.

Listen up all you surfing lovers – Costa Rica is one of the best places for indulging in surfing experience across the world. It’s a beautiful country shrouded with beautiful rainforests, immaculate beaches, a luxury defining resort which guarantees hassle-free vacations with your beloved or family.

For dynamic surfing sports, Costa Rica surf spots offer a large variety of breaks to suit any level of surfer. One can enjoy plenty of other adventure activities at the surfing camps in Costa Rica for any budget. Costa Rica offers everything from luxurious health spas, buzzing nightlife, and family-friendly beaches.

Costa Rica is a Central American country and is blessed with tropical weather conditions throughout the year. This Central American country is nothing short of magical, and if you were thinking of giving surf trips to Costa Rica, DO NOT!

We give you the best reasons that would definitely convince you and your partner to jump on the surfing trip to Costa Rica.

Surf Trip To Costa Rica

But Before That, Get to Know Why Surf Trip to Costa Rica is Worth Taking!

Long stretches of golden sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, friendly locals on the beach, and diverse waves for beginner or pro surfers, what’s not to love about surf trips to Costa Rica we don’t know!

Flick through the Reasons that Makes Costa Rica the best Surfing Destination

Take In The Worth Cherishing Surfing Lessons

It doesn’t matter when you have learned surfing coaching because there is no other destination that Costa Rica matches with its vibes. Imagine relaxing on stunning golden sand beaches, wandering through lush green rainforests. A Surf trip to Costa Rica incorporated beautiful nature and gave tourists a profound understanding of Afro African Culture. When it comes to surf holidays, Costa Rica can’t be beaten.

You would be surprised to know that some of the best surf breaks beaches in Costa Rica are perfect for beginners as well as experienced surfers. If you want to learn surf coaching in Costa Rica, head to Jaco Beach, Witch’s Rock, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, and more!

Matches Within Your Budget

The first thought that comes to your mind when you plan for a surfing trip to any destination is that expense. You all take a look and review whether the destination you are choosing for surfing suits your budget or not! But in Costa Rica, you don’t have to think much. Wondering why? The Costa Rica Surf Resorts comes in a range of choices – be it be solo backpackers to the couple seeking luxurious and private setting experience, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

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If you too are planning for a solo trip to Costa Rica, then it’s not wrong to say that you can unlock great surfing lessons without shedding your money much while booking your stay at the surf resorts that are cheap, comfortable, and close to the beach. However, luxury seekers can book from the impressive selection of resorts and hotels equipped with spa treatments.

Costa Rica Has Thriving Surf Culture

Everyone in Costa Rica knows about surfing since their inception because they have seen tourists coming to Costa Rica across the world to enjoy surfing the waves. Since the beginning of the 70’s when trailblazing surfers discovered that Costa Rica is the place to enjoy surfing, this Central American country bookmarked itself to provide the world-class surf breaks, peaceful atmosphere, and fully secured surfing experience from the qualified instructors. Just tell them whether you are a beginner or a pro, they will assist you accordingly!

Diversity Of Waves For All Levels

Admit it, believe it. According to the famous travel magazines, the country of Costa Rica has been straight up geographically blessed for surfing. With world-class surfing beaches that are spread across 800 miles of Caribbean and Pacific coastline, the pristine blue waters in Costa Rica remains warm throughout the year and welcomes both beginners surfers as well as pro surfers. A few of the best Costa Rica surf camps are found in famous Surf Towns in Costa Rica were trying and testing your adrenaline nerves is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica.

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Jam-Packed With Afro African Culture & Beautiful Landscape

Apart from its diversified waves, pristine blue waters, luxe, and affordable surf resorts that are destinations in themselves, Costa Rica also has a fire to keep you busy for a couple of days out on a Costa Rica trip itinerary for 6-7 days. You can book an all-inclusive Costa Rica itinerary to explore a beautiful landscape, rainforests, and much more! Simply put, Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and there’s a lot to watch besides surfing only!

Best Selling Costa Rica Surf Resorts –

Selina Surf Camp

Located in the famous surf town of Nosara, Selina Surf Camp is tucked. The staff at this surf resort offers a 6 to 7-night surf package starting at £396* onwards in which delicious morning meals, dinner, stay, a surfboard with equipment, free surfing lessons, tips by instructors are provided.  Selina Surf Camp is nestled amongst the trees and sits right on the sand, which makes it the best resort to get access to surfing.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Boasting of being one of the best-surfing resorts in Tamarindo – the famous surf town in Costa Rica, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has everything from a coffee shop, restaurants to surf shops, which makes it all the more favorable. They have options for individuals as well as family/corporate bookings, so check them out! Did we mention that Witch’s Rock Surf Camp package consists of morning meals, dinners, surfing lessons, and tips, and airport transfers?

So, We Are Saying….

Costa Rica is nothing short of a paradise for surfers, natural landscape lovers. So, tell us in the comments section – when are you putting Costa Rica on your bucket list!

Common FAQs about Costa Rica Surf Trip:

Q1: Is Costa Rica good for surfing?

For surfers, Costa Rica is a paradise place to visit without making a hole in your pocket.

Q2: Are there sharks in Costa Rica?

Yes! Sharks are present in Costa Rica, but you’re not asked to swim in those regions. Better you book your surfing trip to Costa Rica from the trip planners.

Q3:  Should I stay in Costa Rica to surf?

Choose to stay at the famous surf towns like Dominical, Jacó, Tamarindo, and similar!

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