Statue of Unity: Complete Guide about the Tallest Statue in the World

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is the statue of the famous Indian independence activist and the first deputy prime minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He was also famous for uniting 562 princely Indian states under his leadership. The statue of unity was proposed in the year 2010 and its construction started in the year 2013 by Larsen & Turbo. The statue was inaugurated by the honorable prime minister of India, Narendra Modi On 31st October, 2018, which was also the 143rd birth anniversary of Vallabhbhai Patel.

The statue is situated at the Narmada river at Kevadiya colony and facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam. Statue of Unity is the ‘tallest statue in the world’ with its maximum height being 597 feet (182 meters). The statue’s total cost was around 2989 crores and it is designed by Ram V. Sutar. The statue was made by 3000 workers and 250 engineers who worked 57 months in total to complete this project. The statue is made by Steel framing, reinforced by concrete and brass coating, bronze cladding.

Statue of Unity

Facts about Statue of Unity

  • The statue of unity height is 597 feets (182 meters) which is 4 times taller than the most famous statue of liberty in the USA and 23 meter taller than China’s Spring Temple Buddha statue.
  • The total area covered by this statue is 20,000 square metres and it is surrounded by an artificial lake capturing 12 square kilometre area.
  • The Iron that was needed to construct the statue was collected from all over India under the “Statue Of Unity Movement”. Around 5,00,000 Farmers were asked to donate their used farming equipment made of iron.
  • Larsen & toubro made the lowest bid and hence the project was handed over to them at 2989 crores.
  • The three-layered structure of this statue is made to tackle severe earthquakes and high intensity of wind storms.
  • Around 2,500,000 cubic feet of concrete, 18,500 tons of reinforced steel rods, 5,700 tons of steel structure along with 12,000 bronze panels weighing 1700 tons were used to cover inside and outside of the statue.
  • Visitors are allowed till the chest of the statue (viewing gallery) which is located at the height of 500 feets.
  • For execution of this plan more than 185 families were relocated from the area by Gujarat government and 1,200 acres of land was provided to them as compensation.
  • According to some sources the statue of unity earned a whooping 80.3 crores in a single year which is more than the combined average three year earrings of Taj mahal that stands at 61.4 crores. Statue of unity revenue form november 2018 till february 2020 stands at 116.31 crores.

Other important details about the Statue of Unity

How To Book Online Tickets?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust looks into the online bookings done by the users. Statue of unity online booking can be done through the official website which is You can pick your slot or preferred time of visiting this monument. People who wish to purchase tickets offline can buy tickets from the source itself.

Ticket Price Details: The statue of unity tickets price has variations according to the personal preference of the people. The tickets have a validity of two hours only.

Statue of Unity cost per person (Entry Ticket Price)

  • Adult – Rs 120 + Rs 30 (Bus charges)
  • Children (3 to 15 years) – Rs 60 + Rs 30 (Bus Charges)
  • Children (Below 3 years) – Free

Statue of Unity cost per person (Observation Deck View Price)

  • Adult – Rs 350 + Rs 30 (Bus charges)
  • Children (3 to 15 years) – Rs 200 + Rs 30 (Bus Charges)
  • Children (Below 3 years) – Free

The basic ticket provides you the entry to valley of flower, memorial, museum and audio visual gallery, the Statue of Unity site and the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The Observation deck tickets include all the things of basic tickets but here you can get a view from the chest of the statue and observe everything from a height of 500 feet.

Note: To beat the queue on weekends and on any holiday, you can buy an “Express ticket” at a price of Rs. 1000 per person. For foreigners, the express ticket price for adults is Rs. 1500 per person and for children the cost starts from Rs.800 per person.

Booking Helicopter Ride

The helicopter ride provides you an aerial view of the statue of unity as well as the sardar sarovar dam. The helicopter ride cannot be booked online, a person willing to have a helicopter ride can book tickets from the spot only. The helicopter ride lasts for only 10 minutes and it can accommodate 5-7 persons at one time. Charges for helicopter ride in Statue of Unity starts from Rs. 2900 per person.

helicopter ride in Statue of Unity

Timings and Opening Days of Statue of Unity

The status of unity is open from tuesday to sunday and it is closed for maintenance and cleaning on every monday. The visiting hours for the statue of unity start from 9 AM in the morning and the place is closed for visitors after 5 PM in the evening.

Best time to Visit Statue of Unity

Although the monument is open throughout the year and the timings are the same all around the year but the best time to visit the statue of unity lies between October to February when the climate in Gujarat remains cooler as compared to the other months. You can even prefer the monsoon time period when the rain makes the surroundings more green and attractive.

Statue of Unity Package

The statue of unity package has two options, the standard package and the luxury package. The standard package starts from Rs. 2000 per person for adults and Rs. 1850 per person for children between 3 to 15 years. The luxury package starts from Rs. 3500 per person for adults and Rs. 3350 per person for children between 3 to 15 years.The package includes entry tickets, all the things in your entry ticket plus laser show, A/C transportation, water, tour manager and your lunch and dinner costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Statue of Unity

Q1: Who made the statue of unity?

The padma bhushan awardee Ram V. Sutar designed the Statue of Unity.

Q2: What is the best time to visit the Statue of Unity?

October to February is considered as the best time. 

Q3: Is a camera allowed in the Statue of Unity?

Drone Camera shooting and group photography is not allowed within the premises, whereas you can take pictures with your phone camera.

Q4: What is an Express ticket at the Statue of Unity?

Express tickets give you more preference over other people on weekends and holidays. You don’t have to wait in a queue of buses, museums and galleries. 

Q5: How do I book the helicopter ride in Statue of Unity?

Helicopter rides can only be booked from the spot and no online option is available.

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