Why People Worldwide are Fanatic about Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek

When it comes to the sandakphu trek, rest assured you would have the time of your life with the most pleasant trekking experience offered by West Bengal. Ranging from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south, the state of West Bengal offers a wide range of opportunities for trekking enthusiasts.

Sandakphu Trek

Among the several options that West Bengal has to offer to the trekkers, you would get an extraordinary perception of the Himalayas. The all-encompassing view of the valley offering snow-clad mountains when you start your journey from Chitrey onto Sandakphu would be a treat for trekking enthusiasts. The best part about the trek has been you traversing through the India-Nepal border numerous times, as Sandakphu is located between India and Nepal.

Starting the Sandakphu Trek

You could begin trekking from Chitre early morning after having a decent breakfast. Reaching Chitre is easier through several local transportation options made available in the region. From the railway station, you could board a taxi to reach Chitre. The overall sandakphu trek time is six days, enabling you to venture through several picturesque and untamed locations. Scaling the pine forest, you could gaze upon the snow-clad peaks of the mountains in the north. Towards the end of the walk, you would reach the stunning town of Tonglu or Tumling offering breathtaking views on the outskirts of India and Nepal. Take a halt in the town to regain your energy for the next day’s trek.

It would be important for you to hire a sandakphu trek guide for the best trekking experience. If you wish to see the mesmerizing dawn, wake up at the first light to look at the ravishing sun peeping from Mount Kanchenjunga. The trek begins from here to the town of Joebari. The steep trail takes around 1.5 hours to reach the border check-post in Gairibans. The steep trail continues further 2.5 hours to reach the town of Kalapokhari. You would relish capturing the reflection of the spectacular sunrise from Kalapokhri Lake. The trek continues to Sandakphu, which is nearly 6km from Kalapokhri. A constant hike of around 2km would help you reach the place known as Beekaybhanjan. After such a continuous trek, consider taking a break for a fresh air breather in this quiet spot.

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If you wonder about the sandakphu trek height, rest assured that located at a height of 11,941 ft, the Sandakphu trek is popular with the people as Trekkers Wonderland. However, resuming your trek after a breather at Beekaybhajan, rest assured that the climb would start to become sharp here onwards. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to take regular breaks, especially when you were not a habitual trekker. The final trek or the Sandakphu trek route would be relatively difficult and grueling for the trekker. Moreover, the trail keeps changing into a criss-cross pattern. However, on reaching the top, the breath-taking view would take away the tiredness of the difficult and grueling trek. The view downhill would be mesmerizing and worth clicking pictures as memorabilia.

Enjoy your stay at Sandakphu overnight and take a panoramic view of the sleeping Buddha range. The journey back would be satisfying with the freshness of the mountain breeze and memories refreshing your return journey. Walking towards Samandin village, while exploring the beauty of the town and its surroundings, would remain in your heart for times to come. You would reach the town of Rammam, here on you would descend towards Srikhola. You could stay here for the night to regain your energy and begin a fresh start back home the next morning. Your fabulous trip would end with your driver to Bagdogra airport. The trip would have some lovely memories you take back home.

An alternate route

Sandakphu Trek Guide

On your way back, you would come across several small towns offering breath-taking views and warm hospitality. The single-day Sandakphu to phalut trek distance is an alternate route for the trekkers. Phalut is nearly 21 km away from Sandakphu. The town is located at 11,811 ft. almost at a similar altitude to Sandakphu; the alternate route of phalut offers a few uphill and downhill sections in the route. However, the last 1km is a steep uphill trek. Overall, the trail passes through forests of chestnuts, oaks, rhododendrons, and silver firs. It offers mesmerizing views of the snow-clad mountains.

The seven hours Sandakphu to srikhola trek distance is an uphill task ascending to an altitude of almost 12000 ft. The 16km trek would be inclusive of breaks due to its steep uphill nature. It would be pertinent to mention here that the route passes through several forests of oaks and chestnuts. You could come across beautiful rhododendrons during your visit in April and May.

While trekking the route, after three km you would come across a small village Timburey. The camping ground here would help you relax in the lap of nature. Trekking for 6 km would land you at Gurdum, a village located in the valley. You would relish the picturesque setting of the river flowing through the village. You could spend some time here to enjoy the mesmerizing views along with the ambiance before the moving sun.

Should you take a package?

If you were venturing the Sandakphu trek for the first time, it would be in your best interest to look for a suitable sandakphu trek package. The trek package would be inclusive of all the formalities and amenities that you may be unaware of on your first trekking expedition to a difficult and grueling trek like that of Sandakphu.

Apart from the rainy seasons, you could trek to Sandakphu throughout the year. The best period is from April to October. For those looking forward to making the most of the Sandakphu trek in December, rest assured to come across a challenging path later in the winter month.

Reaching Sandakphu by car is possible through an alternate road starting from Maneybhanjan to Sandakphu. This 33 km track is not convenient and could cause a bumpy ride. The accommodation options would range from sandakphu hotels, huts, private homestays, and more.

Frequently-asked questions about Sandakphu Trek

Q1: How difficult is Sandakphu Trek?

The difficulty level for the Sandakphu trek has been moderate. The high altitude of 12000 ft could be easily achieved in six days, but the external conditions could make the trek challenging.

Q2: What is the best time to visit Sandakphu?

The best time to reach Sandakphu is from April to October. You should avoid the rainy months. The weather will be pleasant and clear during September, October, and November. Trekking in the later winter months could be challenging.

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