Sai Teerth Theme Park: Perfect Destination for a Magical Devotional Journey

Sai Teerth Theme Park

Sai Teerth theme park has made it possible to take people through various holy destinations in few minutes by technology. The entire park is dedicated to the hardships of Sai Baba, every Bhakat visiting here can seek Sai’s blessings through a unique way which is created using animatronics and robotics. Isn’t this too exciting and worth praising?

Sai Teerth Theme Park

Major Attractions at Sai Baba /Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi

5D screening of Lanka Dahan

Sai Baba Theme Park

Sai Baba Theme Park showcases the popular Lanka Dahan incidence from Ramayana in 5D technology. They make the visitors watch a 26 minutes film depicting Lord Hanuman’s flight to Lanka in search of Sita and his act of setting Lanka on fire.

Journey to the various pilgrimage sites

Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi takes the Bhakats on a 12 minutes thrilling ride to various popular pilgrimage sites including, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Tirupati Tirumala, Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple, Dwarka in Gujarat, Puri Jagannath Temple and Pandharpur’s Vithoba Temple. The aura is so realistic that you will feel as if you are actually on the Teerth Yatra.

Dwarkamai at Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi

Dwarkamai is the place where Lord Sai Baba had spent the whole of his life and also cured people’s ailments and taught them that ‘Sabka Malik Ek Hai’. The replica of this house is made at Sai Baba Teerth Theme Park where people are shown 15 minutes show on Sai Baba. The hall where Dwarkamai is created has a capacity of 250 people sitting at one time.

Sai Baba’s entire life on a huge screen

This is one of the most important and the major attraction that no one can miss at Sai’s Theme Park. A custom made 60 minute film titled as ‘Sai Baba – Sabka Malik Ek’ is played on a huge screen for all the visitors. This movie portrays the entire life of Sai, his hardships, miracles and teachings through technology. The film is quite impactful and, will take you completely to the times of Lord Sai.

Ticket prices of Sai Teerth Theme Park

The ticket price for the adults at Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi is, Rs. 399 and, on the other hand, the price of tickets for the children is, Rs. 299.

Timings of the Park

The park is opened on all seven days and, the Sai Teerth Theme Park timings are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You are allowed to take your mobile phones inside but no photography and videography is allowed so, be a little careful. You can also keep the luggage at the baggage counters made for it, they are free and needs no additional charge.

Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi Ticket Booking

The easiest way is to book the ticket online in advance from the official website of the Sai Baba theme Park. The other way is to go and buy the entry pass on the spot but that’s not always available as at times the place is overcrowded.

How to reach Sai Teerth Theme Park?

You can go by road, train, bus or plane depending on your choice. The theme park is located near the main Shirdi bus station, train station and the airport so, it’s hardly a problem to reach the final destination.

Key Distances:

  • Sai Teerth to Shirdi Railway Station – 2.3 kms
  • Sai Teerth to Shirdi Bus Stand – 1.9 kms
  • Sai Teerth to Shirdi Railway Station – 2.3 kms
  • Sai Teerth to Shirdi Airport – 15.1 kms
  • Sai Teerth to Sai Baba Mandir – 1 km
  • Sai Teerth to Wet N Joy – 100 meters


Q1: Do I need to book in advance to visit Shri Sai baba Sansthan Temple?

Yes, it’s better to book all your arrangements in advance to avoid the last minute hustle. Ideally, you need to do all the bookings at least 15-20 days before.

Q2: Which is the nearest Railway Station to Sai Baba Theme Park?

Kopergaon Railway Station is the nearest railway station from Sai Baba Theme Park.

Q3: What are the timings of the Park and, what is the price of tickets?

The timings are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for all the 7 days. The ticket price for the adults at Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi is, Rs. 399 and, the price of tickets for the children is, Rs. 299.

Q4: What is the cheapest way to reach Shirdi from Delhi?

The cheapest way to reach Shirdi from New Delhi is to take a train from New Delhi to Kopargaon then, take a taxi from Kopargaon to Shirdi.

Q5: How much approx. time a person requires to explore the entire Sai Teerth Theme Park Shirdi?

You need approx. 3 hours to explore all the four major attractions along with the beautiful outside views.

Q6: Is there any Restaurant inside the theme park?

Yes, there is a restaurant offering delicious food inside the park. You can have anything from the a la carte menu but, it has to be paid.

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