The Ultimate Places to Visit in Rome in 3 days for making your Trip Unforgettable

places to visit rome in 3 days

Rome is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe and also the best destination to explore. Calling it beautiful would be an understatement as; it is absolutely amazing that words will fall short in describing its exquisiteness. From historical places to wonderful museums and delicious food this place has everything to offer.

Places to Visit in Rome in 3 days

Though planning a 3 days Rome trip to this place would not be enough for discovering all the popular sights, but still, if you have no other option, then you can cover the major highlights of the city.

To give you proper guidance here we have listed down the best places to visit in Rome in 3 days, this will surely help you in making your 3 days in Rome unforgettable.

Day 1 in Rome:



On the 1st day, you must start exploring Ancient Rome first. Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is located at the centre of Rome. It is also a 1000-year-old site, there was an artificial lake at this place, but it was replaced with Colosseum, Rome’s cultural exhibitions are often held at this place.

Palatine Hill

Palatine hill

Go at the Palatine Hill which is the oldest and the place where the city of Rome was founded. It is a very pleasant site with lush green trees around and, hundreds of ruins of the imposing buildings.

Roman Forum

After seeing these two places, discover the Roman Forum. It is the place where all the political and social activities were held between the Romans in ancient times.


This 2000 years old building will surely leave you amazed with its breath-taking interior and, the incredible dome. It is the best-preserved Ancient Roman monument. The area surrounding the Pantheon is famous for its gelaterias and espresso bars so don’t forget to try them out.

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

This place is full of fun and, also has a good crowd. Showcase the stunning extravagant architecture and the main centre of attraction here is the Fountain of the Four Rivers. There are also many good cafes and restaurants for dining and drinking to satisfy your cravings.

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum

Now, this is something you cannot forget when in Rome. They are the 5th largest museum in the World and are worth appreciating. This place has magical vibes which make people drool over the awestruck creativity and art used inside. If you get a chance, do climb up on the dome to see the superb view of the city.

Day 2 in Rome:

St. Peter’s Basilica

st. peter’s basilica

It is one of the largest Churches in the World and, can easily accommodate 20,000 people at a time. You will find impressive pieces of art inside and, a beautiful statue of St Peter on his throne.

Castel Sant’ Angelo

castel sant’ angelo

The journey of this place is quite confusing as it emerged as a Tomb then, turned into a fort, a castle, and finally, a museum. You can experience some breath-taking views from the top of Castel’s terrace; see the antique collection of old weapons and different rooms decorated with intricate paintings.

Piazza Del Popolo

Piazza Del Popolo is just 20 minutes away from Sant’ Angelo so it would not take much of your time to reach there. It is the starting point to reach one of the main streets in Rome. In the centre of the Piazza is an Egyptian obelisk; on the south side of the Piazza are the twin churches of Santa Maria.

Borghese Gallery and Museum

Borghese gallery and museum

It is a popular art gallery in Rome showcasing a wide collection of work by two popular masters, Caravaggio and Bernini. The creativity here is just splendid in terms of architecture, sculpture and paintings.

Villa Borghese

Villa borghese rome

Villa Borghese is the third largest park in Rome. Located on the Pincian Hill, it is a popular tourist attraction and, absolutely free of charge for everyone. You can go for a nice walk or can also take a bike from outside; it is the best place to come away from the noise and hustle of the city.

Convento dei Frati Cappuccini

convento dei frati cappuccini roma

Though this church is quite weird still it is in almost every tourist’s bucket list. Everything from the picture frames to the light fittings here is made of human bones.

Spanish Steps

Almost every tourist who wants to mark their Roman holiday gets a picture clicked here. These stairs are quite impressive and an example of Roman Baroque style. Earlier it was a popular spot to stop and sit but now it has been declared as a monument so the ones who are spotted sitting are charged fines. It connects the Spanish Embassy near the bottom of the steps to the Trinita dei Monti staircase at the top.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain

This is the world’s largest Baroque fountain and, also a must-visit spot in Rome. As per the beliefs, it is said that if you throw a coin in this fountain then, it is assumed that you will come back to Rome again. Every night the coins in the fountain are removed and given to the people who are homeless and in need of food.

Day 3 in Rome:

Catacombs of St. Callixtus

This was the official cemetery of a church back in ancient times, there were many Christians buried here and among them, many were the martyrs for whom catacombs were made. It is one of the largest and most important underground cemeteries in Rome.

Baths of Caracalla

Baths of caracalla rome

Built-in the 3rd century, this was one of the largest buildings in Roman times together with the Colosseum. It was the second-largest Roman public baths named after the emperor Caracalla who reigned from A.D. 211-217.

Circus Maximus

circus maximus rome

Located between the Aventino and Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus was the largest stadium in ancient Rome built for all the major entertainment activities with a capacity of accommodating 300,000 spectators.

Mouth of Truth

Mouth of truth rome

It is a worldwide famous marble mask for which people from the entire World visit here. It is believed that this mask bites the hand of the people who lie.

Tiber Island

Tiber island rome

This boat-shaped island is perfect for sightseeing. Located at the southern end of the river it is attached to two main bridges known as Ponte Cestio and Ponte Fabricio.

Travel Tip

So, you’ve been planned for Rome trip in 3 days then here are some tips before to visit Rome, all these places are famous so, you never know when it gets overcrowded and then, you might have to stand in lines to buy the tickets. Therefore, it’s better to book a package beforehand where you get a proper guide and direct entry without wasting much time.  Be a little careful with your belongings because anyways Italy is a pick-pocket capital. If possible, go to the Trevi fountain at night because at that time it is less crowded and, you will also find it more peaceful and pleasant to the eyes. Also, don’t try to go near or dip your feet inside the fountain, it is considered disrespectful and, forbidden. Also, when visiting churches do not wear revealing clothes or anything above the knees, they are strictly not allowed. Hope our this Guide: Places to visit in Rome in 3 days will help you to decide the things related to your travel plan.


Q1: How to reach the Vatican Museum?

The easiest and most common way you can reach the Vatican is, by Metro. Take Rome’s metro red line A and get down at St Peter’s Square as your destination is just 10 minutes walking distance from there.

Q2: Is Piazza Del Popolo near Castel Sant’ Angelo?

Yes, it is just 7 mins away from each other so you can easily go by walking.

Q3: Where is Borghese Gallery and Museum exactly located?

It is exactly located at Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma RM, Italy.

Q4: What is the best time to visit Trevi Fountain?

The best time is at night because it is less crowded and, you will also get to see amazing views.

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