A Trekking Guide to Palkulamedu

A Trekking Guide to Palkulamedu

Have you ever visited Kerala? Then, what would be your main areas to enjoy during that itinerary? Kerala has many more places rather than the Serene backwaters as well as tea gardens. If you want to get entertained by trekking in Kerala, then there is the best place here that is a good option.

The place is Palkulamedu Idukki that we are going to explore below. If you are a traveling soul, then nothing is better than this one. You can enjoy all the natural beauty from this mesmerizing peak and enjoy all the morning as well as evenings too.Let us have a look at these below.

An overview of Palkulamedu

Palkulamedu is an outstanding place that provides guaranteed refreshment to the soul of a traveler. If talking about the location, then it is situated at 12km distant from Idukki, Kerala. It is regarded at 3125 meters of elevation above the level of the sea. The place is a perfect destination for adventure and trekkers.

How to reach Palkulamedu?

The starting point to reach Palkulamedu is Chural that is far away from Cheruthony by eight kilometers, via Adimali. Once you get to the Churali, then you will move along the roads to the hills. You will get confused between the roads at a meager location when twists back to the hill but there is no need to worry about it.

Alparai is the only town that comes on the way where you will find some tea shops and people that will help you out to guide you to Palkulamedu. Further, moving about six kilometers from Churai, you will find another junction and take a left from there. If you will get the right one, then it will get you to the backside of the peak.

The road is filled with cashew and nut plantation with a small count of houses on sides and comes into the jeep road after approximately three kilometers. After an hour of trekking, you will see a plateau and the last pinnacle that is wrapped with grasslands.

Some highlights of Palkulamedu

As we the words are not enough to describe the beauty of this enchanting and find some peaceful places to visit in Palkulamedu.

But here we have come up with a few aspects of this place that you should know before traveling. Let us take a peek at these below.

  • Freshwater Pool: The place has a freshwater pool that enhances the beauty of Palkulamedu and seems like a jewel to attract more people. The place is named after this pool, Pal-kulam-medu and it is a Malayalam word that indicates a pond of nutritious water.
  • Periyar Gorge: The peak provides an ideal view of this Gorge and it is admiring. Evergreen hills have a vast span and you will enjoy the sunset as well as the sunrise view.
  • Trekking: The trek from Palkulamedu follows through Muyalpara by the quiet roads. The trek starts from the waterfalls. There are a lot of plantations, forests, and lands by the trail when you go through Mulyalpara. You can see different types of herbs and plants inside the forest.
  • Cheruthoni Dam: You can see this dam that is an integral part of the Idukki Hydroelectric Project, with two other dams located at Kulamavu and Idukki.
  • Bhagavan Thotti: This is a place that comes while trekking to Palkulamedu and people have a belief that Pandavasstay at this place for a few days. Also, they prayed to Lord Shiva and an arrow was sent by Lord Hanumandue to which the mountain moved back.

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Trekking to Palkulamedu

Trekking is the main attraction of Palkulamedu that every adventurous traveller should always go through while visiting Idukki. The place is a well-known trekking destination and people love to do so.

You need to start trekking from the quiet roads via Muyalpara. It begins from the waterfalls and the Palkulamedu Trekking trails have all revenue roads, forests as well as plantations. While trekking, you will also find some medicinal plants and herbs in the forest along with small streams. From the Muyal Parabase, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Cheruthoni Dam that is included in the Idukki Hydroelectric Project.

When you move further, then you will find Bhagavan Thotti that was a Pandavas Stay in the centuries back and prayed to Lord Shiva. Furthermore, grasslands come on the way, and at the end of the story, you will reach the pinnacle of the Palkulamedu that is a perfect blend of greenery and pleasant weather.

There is a cross symbol at the top of the Palkulamedu where people come on Good Friday. From that point, we can enjoy the eye-catching view of the towns, counting Munnar.You can feel the whistle of fresh winds that blow across the mountains. The beauty of Palkulamedu is too incredible and it proffers an ideal atmosphere of nature.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it is too enjoyable if you will go through the place by car from Kochi. There are a lot of picturesque scenes available while traveling to this place and the mountain ranges are unsurprising. The roads have a dozen curves and a series of waterfalls. The trekking to this place is unforgettable and enjoyable too.

Frequently-asked questions about Palkulamedu

Here are some FAQs that people may ask sometimes and also, revolve on top of their heads. Let us have a look at these questions below.

Q1: Which one is the closest railway station or the closest airports?

Kottayam, Ernakulam is the closest rail station and the airport is Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery.

Q2: How much time will it take to travel up to the trek’s base?

It will take around two hours from Kochi and Kottayam, it will be one hour.

Q3: What is the total duration of the Palkulamedu trek?

Four hours from the Trek’s base and back.

Q4:  Is there any road route to this place?

Yes, you can reach the place by road maps. To do the same, you need to follow the route: Kochi, Perumbavoor, Oonukal, Thalakode,Neriamangalam, Chembuzhy, Churli, and Kariban to that of Asoka Junction.

Q5: Where to stay in Palkulamedu?

You will find a lot of homestay accommodations.

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