Things to Know about Mount Abu Rajasthan for an Incredible Experience

Mount Abu Rajasthan

People mostly recognize deserts, camels, forts and heritage sites as the identifiers of the mainstream, Rajasthan. However, Did You Know? Mount Abu is the only and, the most beautiful Hill Station in Rajasthan. Mount Abu Rajasthan is a lesser known site for a lot of tourists and, it must be explored for a World class experience so, here we have listed down some of the significant things that you must know about this scenic location.

Best Places To Visit In Mount Abu Rajasthan

Get perfect spiritual vibes at Dilwara Temples

Mount Abu Rajasthan

Dilwara Temples, Mount Abu Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage sites in the World which is known for its unique marble architecture. The religious site includes 5 temples and, all of them portray the Jain culture. The scenes engraved on marbles from Hindu mythology will leave you awestruck.

Go for picnic at Nakki Lake

If you are looking for that perfect peaceful vibes then, this sacred lake in Mount Abu Rajasthan is the place for you. Nakki Lake holds mythological importance and is also a popular tourist spot. It is a perfect place to sit and gaze at the beautiful views around, also for having fun time with friends and family. You can go boating or simply walk around to get mesmerized by its beauty.

Guru Shikhar: The best spot for sightseeing

For enjoying breathtakingly beautiful sightseeing in Mount Abu Rajasthan visit this highest point. This place is known as Guru Shikhar because it has footprints of Guru Dattatreya engrossed on a rock. You can become a boketto champ while standing in front of these striking peaks.

Explore the natural beauty of Toad Rock

The scenic Toad Rock is a wonderful tourist attraction site as well as an opportunity for amateur photographers to up skill their photography and, making full use of the renowned natural beauty of this place. The place offers splendid vision of Nakki Lake and greenery together. So, you can easily imagine how soothing it would look.

For transcendental and a composed feel do not miss on visiting Peace Park

On the Aravali ranges a recreational park by Brahma Kumaris exists in the Peace Park of Mount Abu Rajasthan. It is great for transcendental meditation and, for a peaceful spiritual experience. This park is filled with organic beauty and is situated in between two Aravali Hills with a striking park in centre with attractive flowers at the corners. The Brahma Kumaris offers a guided park tour to the visitors along with a short video explaining about Human soul and Raj Yoga.

Chacha Museum Mount Abu Rajasthan: The oldest and most renowned store

A trip to Mount Abu Rajasthan is incomplete without exploring Chacha Museum. This museum came into existence 37 years back, it is equipped with numerous gift items, handicrafts, goodies made by local artists and, so on. The store is huge and you can literally spend your entire evening window shopping for the available items. It is the oldest and the largest shop in Mount Abu that promotes Rajasthani culture and its handicrafts which includes brass, wooden artifacts and, also cotton based products like bed sheets and quilts.

Best time to visit Mount Abu Rajasthan

The best time to visit Mount Abu Rajasthan is in winters, from November to June. The reason behind this is, the weather during these months remains quite pleasant and perfect for all the adventurous activities. The temperature rises high during summers in Rajasthan which is why people find it difficult to do anything in the afternoon so, it’s better to avoid going in hot weather. During monsoon, the temperature stays normal but, due to the slippery routes it becomes tough for visitors to enjoy adventure activities like trekking, hiking, rock climbing, caving and others.

Famous Hotels in Mount Abu Rajasthan

Though there are many options for having a comfortable stay in Mount Abu Rajasthan, some are just out of the box and, also extraordinary. Among them the major ones you can count on include, Hotel Hilltone, Ratan Villas, Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Hotel Sheratone and The Palace Hotel. All of them offer amenities which results in a luxury stay. Just keep in mind to make all the bookings in advance as it saves your time and also the last minute hustle.


Q1: What is the perfect weather to visit Mount Abu Rajasthan?

The best time to visit Mount Abu is winters mainly from November to June. You can also visit during monsoon if you missed the winters.

Q2: Which is the place for sightseeing in Mount Abu Rajasthan?

The best place for sightseeing in Mount Abu is Guru Shikhar as it is one of the highest peaks and is best for sightseeing.

Q3: Where is Nakki Lake exactly located?

Nakki Lake is located in Aravalli range in Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Q4: How far is Nakki Lake from Toad Rock?

It is only 700m from Toad Rock.

Q5: Which is the best hotel near Toad Rock?

“Hotel Lake Palace”, “Hotel Lake Inn”, “Hotel Silver Oak” and “The Jaipur” House are some of the best hotels near Toad Rock.

Q6: Where is the highest peak in Rajasthan located?

Guru Shikhar at the height of 1722 m in the Aravalli Ranges situated in Sirohi District is the highest peak of Rajasthan.

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