Lolab Valley: Mesmerizing Place to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir

Lolab Valley

If you are thinking of taking digital detox from your daily routine then spending some time in the Lolab valley is the best thing you can do for yourself. The remote valley is a part of the Himalayan region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Kupwara to lolab valley distance is 9 km from the north and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush green forests and the Lahwal River adds more charm to this epic place.

The Lolab Valley is an oval-shaped valley stretched in an area of 24 km long and approximately 3.2 km in width. The valley is covered with ancient springs, surrounded with fine, fir, and deodar trees. The valley comes under the jurisdiction of Sogam Lolab which is a block of Kupwara district. The valley shares its boundary with the Kashmir valley from the south and Neelum valley from the north. The two valleys are separated by Nagmarg meadows in Bandipore.

Lolab Valley

Things to do in Lolab Valley

Apart from the scenic beauty and home to many fruit trees such as apple, cherry, peach, walnuts, and many more tourists come here to witness the striking beauty of this less explored place and try some activities and visit some places in the valley. 

  • Camping: Although the lolab valley comes under remote location but now many camping sites have been set up at Sogam, Diver, Chandigam, Anderbug, Kalaroos and Lalpore to increase tourism. Many tourists come here and spend days here with friends and family, enjoying the calmness of nature with some great fun activities on the campsite.
  • Trekking: As you know the valley is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and if you are here for some fun activities, trekking may fill your soul with fun. Lolab valley is the starting point of many beautiful treks and one of the famous treks is the trek from Lolab Valley to Lake Wular in Bandipore. As you move further you see many scenic views, several animal species that add more thrill to your trek.
  • Visiting Beautiful Places: There are many water streams and around 11 lakes and ponds in the valley that mesmerizes you with its beauty. If you seek calm surroundings, then sitting alongside the lake or the Lahwal River will definitely bring peace to your mind.
  • Horse Riding: Horse riding is one of the famous things in kashmir to witness the snow capped mountains, blue water streams and enjoy this picture perfect place. The horse can be hired from the tourist office and it is also good as per safety measures. Local guides may charge you high for the same horse ride.

Attractions Near Lolab Valley

While living in the Lolab valley you will definitely get a glimpse of the local life of the people and the beautiful villages of Kashmir. But, if you have come here for a long time then there are some eye-catching attractions near the valley that you can cover in your trip. 

Kalaroos Caves

One of the most mysterious and magnificent places near Lolab valley is Kalaroos caves which is around 16.1 km far from the valley. There is a saying that these tunnels end in Russia. The caves lie in the middle of the Lashtiyal and Mahdmadu villages. The unique archaeological structures here attract the people and they wish to come here again and again.

Kalaroos Caves

Gangabal Lake

The Gangabal lake is almost 32.1 km far from the Lolab valley and visitors can take a cab till Naranag and then there is a tre of 15 km to reach the exact lake. It is situated in the foothills of Mount Harmukh and if you seek some thrill and adventure in your journey this spot is perfect for you.

gangabal lake

Dachigam National Park

The beautiful Dachigam National Park is situated in the western Himalayas which is 45.8 km far from Lolal valley. The national park is very famous for hangul and many other animal species like Himalayan black bear, Himalayan brown bear, Leopard, Long-tailed marmot and many more species. If you are coming in the summer, you can see the beautiful grasslands and meadows covered with colorful flowers.

Dachigam National Park

Accommodation in Lolab Valley

For the tourists, there are many lovely stays provided by the J&K tourism department. There are many Lolab valley hotels that offer good stays, nice food, proper hygiene and high-quality services. You can try the lovely Chandigham tourist bungalow or the tourist bungalow of Khumriyal village. 

How to reach Lolab Valley?

The closest big city near the lolab valley is Srinagar, from where you can get all sorts of transportation. Lolab valley distance from srinagar is 120 kms and you can commute to the valley by road only. There are three different ways by which people coming from other states can commute easily.

  • By Air: The closest airport is situated in srinagar and people coming from anywhere can take a bus or cab till the kupwara district. Or you even have a voice to hire a private cab and reach the Lolab valley directly.
  • By Train: The closest railway station is Srinagar railway station and from there you can hire a private cab, take a taxi or a bus to reach Lolab valley in Kupwara.
  • By Road: The Lolab valley is very well connected with NH1 highway and you can take your personal car and reach this place. But Lolab valley in winter receives snowfall which often leads to road blockage. Keep this in mind as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lolab Valley

Q1: How far is Srinagar from Lolab valley?

The distance between srinagar and lolab valley is approximately 120 km.

Q2: What is the best time to visit Lolab Valley?

The best time for visiting Lolab valley is during the summers between March to September.

Q3: What are some fun activities to do in Lolab Valley?

You can enjoy trekking, camping and gaze at the beautiful views while horse riding in Lolab Valley.

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