Jahaz Mahal Mandu – A Palace of Illusions

Jahaz Mahal Mandu

Mandu, now Mandav is a Nagar panchayat in a small district of Dhar in Madhya Pradesh. There is a history of Mandu, lesser-known and needs to be focused by people to know about the culture and its presentation in the current period. When it comes to places to visit and look for, it is the iconic Jahaz Mahal Mandu. Jahaz Mahal in Mandu or Mandav is one of the best historic places; you can visit if you are in town. The Mahal holds a major significance of the Mughal era.

Mandav was once under the Mughals, and it was given the name of Shadibaad, in literal words “the city of joy”. All the monuments in Mandu are a mixture of Hindu and Muslim style architecture. Jahaz Mahal Mandu is a perfect mixture of architecture, and one can come to explore the mahal to know more about the history of the place. 

Jahaz Mahal Mandu

Jahaz Mahal In Mandu

There are various monuments in Mandu, but the most iconic of them all is the Jahaz Mahal. The Jahaz Mahal, surrounded by water from all around, creates an illusion of a floating ship palace and makes it a surreal beauty. The palace encompasses two lakes in the front and back, Kapur Talao and Munja Talao. One can come and witness the beautiful reflection of the palace in the water tanks.

The Jahaz Mahal Mandu history is something you should come across. The pleasure resort was built in the period 15th century of Sultan Ghias-ud-din Khilji, for his rest and pleasure of his large Harem. 

Jahaz Mahal Architecture

The iconic Jahaz Mahal architecture is surely an icon to cherish and enjoy. The Palace is amazingly designed and built on the front and behind two lakes. The lakes on the front and back create an illusion of the Mahal, and that appears as a floating ship or a floating palace.

On the southern end of the eastern side of the Jahaz Mahal, there are steep steps that lead their way to the terrace. The Jahaz Mahal Mandu interior is built marvelously with arched gateways, which give them a touch of cultural heritage.

The main gate of the Jahaz Mahal is projected with a huge pavilion, with a decoration of huge stone brackets. These stone brackets make the palace look extremely historic and the center of attraction of the Mahal.

Then comes the ground floor, which has three large halls interconnected with each other by corridors. Each of these large halls has its balconies, which makes a view worth watching. The terrace of the Jahaz Mahal brings an excellent view of the Royal Complex, Citadel of Mandu.

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Places Near Jahaz Mahal To Visit

When you visit Jahaz Mahal Mandu, there is not just Jahaz Mahal, there are several other places and monuments which you can visit at the same time. Some of the famous and worth watching things around Jahaz Mahal in Mandu are mentioned below for you.

  • Roopmati Pavilion: This is one of the largest sand structures, known and observed as an army observation post.
  • Baz Bahadur’s Palace:  it is a 16th-century large structure encompassed with courtyards and halls.
  • Rewa Kund: Rewa Kund is a reservoir built around Baz Bahadur’s palace for Roopmati’s pavilion. 
  • Darya Khan’s Tomb Comple: Darya Khan was a minister of Mahmud Khalji II, the tomb lies within proximity to the mosque, tomb, and Inn.
  • Shri Mandvagadh Teerth: This teerth is dedicated to the lord suparshvanatha. It belongs to the sect of Jainism. 
  • Jami Masjid: This structure of the Jami Masjid is enormously huge, and the entrance is one of the major attractions of this place.
  • Hoshang Shah’s Tomb: The tomb is India’s first marble structure with an amazing classic and elegant architecture.
  • Hindola Mahal: Hindola Mahal is also known as the swing palace. It is one of the royal complexes made in Mandav.
  • The Darwazas: The gate encompassing Mandu is known as the Darwaazas, and it has 12 major gates.
  • Sunset Point: if you are a catcher of sunsets, then sunset point is one of the best places for you to visit.
  • Sagar Talab: Sagar Talab is a man-made lake in Mandu, one of the must-visit places.


If you are planning to visit Jahaz Mahal, Mandu, no need to worry, Jahaz Mahal Mandu timings are from 6 AM to 6 PM, sunset to sunrise. The palace is open for seven days, and you can visit it anytime. Don’t forget to take your camera and wear good and comfortable shoes to explore the palace and nearby things as well. 

Nearby Restaurants And Food Staals

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Why Visit Jahaz Mahal

The Jahaz Mahal Mandu is one of the best and most amazing structures to look for, if you are planning to visit Mandu, then Jahaz Mahal should be on your checklist. The illusion of the palace that can be seen in the front and behind lakes of the palace is something, which makes it more creative and interesting for the people. If you are planning where to go in Mandu?, then Jahaz Mahal is surely a place you would not want to miss. There are also so many other tombs and monuments to explore near Jahaz Mahal. 

Frequently-asked questions about Jahaz Mahal Mandu

Q1: When is Jahaz Mahal open?

Jahaz Mahal is open all days from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Q2: Where is Jahaz Mahal?

 Jahaz Mahal is in Mandu, Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh.

Q3: Are there any food outlets near Jahaz Mahal?

 Yes, there are so many restaurants and street food stalls near Jahaz Mahal.

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