Exciting Things to Know about Hitchhiking in India

Hitchhiking in India

A true traveler always loves adventure and thrill in his life. In fact, trying something different like Hitchhiking on your trip makes it more exciting. 

Not everyone is aware about Hitchhiking and, what exactly it is as earlier people in foreign countries used to follow it more however now; Hitchhiking in India is also done.  So, here we have listed down some of the important and fun to know things about the concept of Hitch Hiking in India.

Hitchhiking in India

What is Hitchhiking?

Before going deep into the major things you must know what exactly Hitchhiking means. Hitchhiking is a unique way of traveling to various parts of the World. It is a mode of commuting where people stand on the side of the road to take a lift or ask strangers to give them a ride in their vehicle.  It is the cheapest and the most fun way of traveling. Hitchhiking is not everyone’s cup of tea as it needs a lot of patience but, if you are adventurous then don’t forget to try this once in your life.

Best destinations you can discover through Hitchhiking in India

There are many places in India which are not at all expensive, you have a good chance of exploring many places when you are Hitchhiking in India. Some of the most common ones are Guwahati to Tawang, Manali to Leh, Srinagar to Leh, Manali to Spiti and Mumbai to Goa. The major reason behind this is, all these routes are mostly packed with trucks so they are mostly ready to help the travelers and are also friendly.

Apart from this, all these places offer breathtaking views, various monasteries, exotic Dhabas, beautiful high peaks, green valleys and amazing landscapes in between which makes it a perfect thrilling journey. Every scene in these trips are picture-perfect moments so, it’s something that you can never forget in your life.

Tips for Hitchhiking in India

  • Be clean and tidy, this does not mean that you have to be suited up. Just make sure you are wearing normal clothes which are not making you look shabby because it gives a negative impact. Also, try to wear bright clothes because they are more easily visible.
  • Do not carry too many bags; try to take only one backpack with you. Seeing fewer luggage would make it easy for any driver to accommodate you, even a motorbike can stop to give you the ride.
  • Don’t stand in the middle of the road and, also not too far away. Just make sure that you chose a spot which can be easily spotted by the vehicles.
  • Avoid carrying expensive things and also don’t wear any jewelry. Keep a limited amount of cash, light snacks and water along with you.
  • Always keep a tent and. A warm sleeping bag for you.
  • Be very careful while choosing your ride, don’t take any chance if you have doubts or your gut feeling does not allow you to go with the person you stop.
  • Highways are the best place to take a lift from because you will mostly find long-distance travelers there.
  • Be very friendly and speak your heart out to people because no one would mind helping a friendly person.
  • In India, you have many cheap traveling options such as railways, local bus services etc. Also, you can get lifts in trucks, bikes etc. So, use all available resources without thinking twice.
  • Don’t forget to carry sunscreen, knife, pen-diary, power bank and most importantly a set of pepper spray in your pockets for being on the safer side.

Is Hitchhiking in India safe?

India is a huge country and you cannot simply judge people by their face or know how they are. So, it is safe and risky both at a time, the only thing you must be very careful with is,  keeping your eyes open throughout the journey and also be aware of the directions of the destination you are going to. Apart from this, it’s better to do Hitchhiking in hilly areas than the plain because, as per the past reports most of the robbers and hooligans were from the plain areas. Also, people from hill stations are quite helpful and friendly as compared to the city ones.

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Advantages of Hitchhiking in India

  • It is the cheapest and, at times also a free mode of traveling depending on the person you take your ride from.
  • Gives you an opportunity to meet different kinds of people with different mindsets and diverse backgrounds.
  • Enjoy a peaceful life without any hustle or work pressure.
  • At times you end up making good friends and also form a new bond which stays with you forever.
  • Gives you strength and confidence to explore any part of the World.
  • Get to see different places at a time because of the various spots your ride stops at.
  • Learn to earn happiness in less money.
  • Traveling without a schedule or an itinerary makes travelling much more fun.


Q1: Is Hitchhiking legal in India?

Yes, it is legal in India but due to many criminal activities it is not very common and, very few people know about it.

Q2: What is the major disadvantage of Hitchhiking?

At times you might have to walk for long hours when no one stops to give you a ride. Also, not every driver’s intentions are good.

Q3: Best place to discover through Hitchhiking in India?

Though there are many but still, if one has to be given the topmost place then, it is Manali to Leh.

Q4: Is Hitchhiking safe?

No, it is not always safe as it times it can turn dangerous but if you are well prepared and follow the basic guidelines then, there is no risk.

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