Undiscovered Fun Facts About Cuba That We Bet Even The Locals Aren’t Aware Of!

Fun Facts about Cuba

If you thought Cuba was all about the beach, culture, the food, the landscape, the music, then you are in constant flux and still are fully not aware of the fun facts about Cuba.

Cuba is the largest of the islands in the Caribbean and is a part of the North American continent. This largest of the Caribbean islands are often visited by the tourists alike who are keen to explore the Cuban people’s lifestyle, rich Cuban culture, and the intriguing history of the island.

Around 11.1 million people live in Cuba, and it’s a capital town in Havana, which has a population of approx 2.1 million people. Famous for its legendary cigars, American vintage cars, magnificent beaches, rich underwater marine life, and much more, Cuba should be in your bucket list of places to visit in 2020 if you want to explore the incredible Caribbean scenery and culture of entire Cuba.

What are the Fun Facts About Cuba That Drives Everyone Crazy?

If you thought you knew everything about Cuba, then we are here to burst that bubble. Read on and check out these 11 best facts about Cuba, including culture, currencies, food, lifestyle, and much more that drives everyone crazy to visit Cuba

1) Hassle-Free Travel Experience

Cuba is rated amongst the list of the safest countries for solo female travelers by the travel magazine – Lonely Planet. YES! Female travelers across the globe can explore the best Cuban tourism places and attractions without the risk of being physically attacked. But still, your safety is in your hands, try to be alert in crowded places like markets and keep a check on your wallet or mobile.

2) Government-Owned Eateries

Most of the restaurants in Cuba are government-owned and provide basic facilities like normal food and usual hospitality. But there are a few privately owned restaurants present in Cuba which are known by the name – Paldares.

You will find them in the best tourist places to visit in Cuba only. Paladares offers much high-class hospitality, including food, ambiance. So, if you are planning to visit Cuba, make sure you book your spot at the best Paladares.

3) Free Educational and Medical Care For Local Cubans

We know that it’s a tad bit hard to digest but it’s true! The government of Cuba takes good care of its citizens, and that’s why they offer free of cost education and medical care to its people. This Caribbean island is known for its image of providing the finest health care facilities in the world, too, and surprised to hear? Read on!

4) Highest Doctor To Patient Ratio in The World

With approx 70,000 qualified doctors under its belts, Cuba is known in the world as a country that houses the best doctors in the world. From providing excellent health care to government-sponsored healthcare education, the healthcare sector of Cuba generates more income than the tourism sector.

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5) Smallest Bird in The World is Found in Cuba

If there’s one thing that Cuban people can NEVER complain about, it’s the fact that they don’t see birds in the sky! Because Cuba is home to over 25 amazing bird species like the hummingbird, also the world’s smallest bird species.

A few people are likely to mistake it with the insect. If you too want to discover the smallest bird in the world, then head to Alexander Humboldt National Park, located in the eastern Cuba region.

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6) Cars in Cuba Are King

Oh, this is something you all should know! Havana in Cuba is world-famous for its American vintage cars. Many of them are from the ’50s. Cuban cars are also featured in many Bollywood and Hollywood films too, which makes Havana the famous Cuban attractions amongst filmmakers too!

If you ask us, we suggest you do ride the American vintage cars with your beloved or family or kids. The good news is, you can easily rent a vintage car to explore the Cuban countryside.

7) Intriguing History

Amazing, intriguing history is the next big thing in Cuba after the world-famous Cuban cigars. The capital of Cuba, Havana, is known as the epicenter of UNESCO HERITAGE SITES. Tourists across the world visit Cuba to explore the ancient history of Trinidad, Vinales, and Cienfuegos.

8) The Estimated Per Month Income Of Local Cubans is USD 20

With the tourism and healthcare sector booming in Cuba, there are still people who earn roughly USD 20 per month, i,e, approx 15,000 INR.

9) Government-Owned Information Broadcast System

The government of Cuba is in charge of the information broadcast system in Cuba, and the locals-only see what their government wants to show them. the freedom of the press does not exist in Cuba, and the Cuban government runs even radio and television programs.

10) Locals Are The Incharge Of Public Transportation

If you are a tourist in Cuba, make sure you don’t end up traveling in a local public transport; otherwise, you need to shed a hefty fine. The public transportation services in Cuba are only for the locals of Cuba, and outsiders can’t travel on local buses. On a good note, public transportation in Cuba for locals is relatively less expensive in comparison to taxis and cabs.

11) Cuban Cigar Are The Finest Cigars In The World

Smoking is injurious for your health. But still, if you get a chance to visit Cuba, you must not miss lighting a Cuban cigar. A tour to the Partagas Cigar Factory in the capital Havana will tell you why Cuban cigars hold a special place in the heart of many tourists.

Undiscovered Cuba Facts For Kids

Let’s look into some stunning facts about Cuba that kids really like. These are the fun facts about Cuba that will amaze kids like never before. Here they are:

  • Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird found in Cuba
  • Baseball infamous sports in Cuba
  • The national animal of Cuba is Cuban Trogon
  • This island nation comprised of 400+ islands

Amazing Fun Facts About Cuba: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How big is Cuba?

The land area of Cuba is 109,884 km2 (42,426 square miles) in size.

Q2: Is Cuba a country or state?

Many people are confused, but in reality, Cuba is an island country tucked in the Caribbean Sea. The country is a cluster of many islands and comprises the big Cuba islands like Isla de la Juventud Island and other range of small islands.

Q3: Where is Cuba located on the world map?

On the world map, this island nation sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It is tucked south of Key West, Florida.

We hope we made a Lil bit more aware of Cuba today!

By Pradeep Sharma