Top 5 Beautiful Crystal Clear Water Beaches in India

crystal clear water beach in india

India is a nation which not only attracts visitors from India only but also from foreign countries. It has a variety of beaches, hills, local wildlife zoos, desserts and locations that can make anyone amaze. This article will take you to the best crystal clear water beaches in India. Such clear water beaches are also the best thing to invest your holidays with your family and friends. Below are the top 5 blue water beaches in India:

Crystal clear water beach in India

1. Dhanushkodi beach, Tamil Nadu

It is Reputed as one of the best crystal-clear water beaches in India, along with the Arabian Sea towards your left as well as the Indian Ocean towards your right, enjoy the charm of the blue striped seas. This scenic shore in Tamil Nadu also offers visitors an opportunity to experience the excitement of sea surfing.

Places to visit near Dhanushkodi beach: The Gulf of Mannar National Park is among the few marine parks in the country. This park comprises 21 reefs, along with waterways, mangroves, reefs and forests.

Adam’s Bridge is a natural bridge which links India from its nearby country, Sri Lanka, it is placed in a stunning environment of raw nature which might leave you amazed and inspired by its glory. It is Situated around 20 kms away from Dhanushkodi.

2. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

(Havelock) Islands is Situated on the western coast of Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is one of most popular Crystal Clear Water beaches in India with blue water. Including its stunning sunsets and enthralling sunset, this beach seems to be something right out from a dreamland. This two-kilometer-long ridge beach is renowned for some of its gentle white sands with a strong load capacity. With sandy beaches and light blue sea, this place looks as stunning as any natural beach in a tropical environment.

Places to visit near Radhanagar Beach: As the most popular tourist attractions in Andaman, Neil is also delighted to really be a host, unveiling everything that it has. Among the most beautiful destinations to visit in Andaman for tourism, sports and recreational tours, Elephant Beach must not be skipped upon this Andaman holiday trip. With its marine life and fascinating sea creatures, Elephant Beach is a perfect place to spend your holidays in Andaman.

3. Marari Beach, Kerala

This slightly-known Marari beach, is not so far away from the Alleppey in Kerala, and is perfect for someone who visits Kerala’s backwaters as out of crystal clear water beaches in India, and feels like spending some more time near the sea. This reef is an undeveloped “hammock shore” ideal for lounging about. Yet it is rising in value. Though this seaside is fairly calm, it tends to be loaded with local residents on weekends. However, this can be prevented by keeping away from the main portion of the reef.

Places to visit near Marari Beach: Amenities on the coast of Marari involve hotels and guesthouses. “Marari Beach Resort” is one of the most spacious hotels to be enjoyed by visitors. It is enhanced by small fishing communities, which aim to hypnotize the spirit and the core of the island. Ayurveda therapies and meditation courses are also at the center of this resort. A Beach orchestra, which comprises four coastal cottages, is the jewel of Marari. Marari Beach is indeed a peaceful location in Kerala where you can rest and revitalize yourselves. If you’re involved in the calmness of desolate sandy beaches, this is something you should also see.

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4. Ganapatipule Beach, Maharashtra

It’s not like the other blue water beaches in Maharashtra, crowded and polluted! It is Scenic with its spectacular views; it is also known as one of the crystal clear water beaches in India, renowned for its environmental greatness such as deep blue seas, pine trees, ultra clean weather, sandy beaches, mangroves and coconut trees. Located along the coastline of Konkan, Ganapatipule Beach is also an excellent destination for many tourists who’d like to see unity and stability of the far reaches of the blue Arabian gulf as well as the white pristine beaches.

Places to visit near Ganapatipule Beach: Swayambhu Ganesh Temple is one of the popular destinations in and around Ganpatipule Beach, which can be viewed by a huge number of visitors every day to pay reverence for holy god Ganesha. Apart from this, there are several cafes providing local dishes such as Amba Poli (narrow pancakes of crisped and squashed mangoes), Phanspoli (slender pancakes of shredded and dried jackfruit), curries of fish and Kokam Kadi. Visitors may also tour the town of Malgund, the hometown of the popular Marathi poet ‘Keshavsut,’ to see the elegance of the Shastri River, which is beautiful and pleasant in its own right.

5. Juhu Beach, Goa

Situated in the Fantasy City of India, Mumbai. Juhu beach is among the best offbeat beaches in India, popular for cuisine such as bhelpuri (Indian bites) and conversations at the food shops around the coast. A lot of famous celebrities stay close with this gorgeous beach and are often seen heading down that beach. Juhu beach is among the most populated blue water beaches in Goa and also for one of best crystal clear water beaches in India, offering everything including horse and pony trips to regular Bombay snacks and enabling visitors to enjoy cricket games and watch movies that mostly happens here. It is situated in the province of North Maharashtra, which would be the greatest Koli (fishing area) in Mumbai.

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Places to Visit near Juhu Beach: Renovated with stunning bungalows, luxurious hotels and residences, Juhu looks like a gem bracelet at night, while the lights get switched out. Individuals can also enjoy frequent bars & discos accessible in large numbers nearby Juhu Beach. Apart from that, Gandhi Gram is a place on Juhu Beach, where kids get together to enjoy their summer vacations by playing games such as rugby, baseball and soccer.


Q1. Which beach is the cleanest one in Goa?

Palolem Beach is among one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. It is the most famous beaches of Goa, most popular for its stunning nightlife, beach parties, and mouth-watering seafood nearby.

Q2. Why Indian beaches are not blue?

The primary reason for not having clear water at Indian beaches is rivers, and the land on which those rivers run. Rivers put in water and friction that holds the sediments floating and dirt mix in that water.

Q3. The reason behind crystal clear blue water?

The Water of crystal-clear water beaches in India absorbs the orange spectrum. Different colors of light bounce from floating sedimentary rocks as well as water molecules. And gives an effect of clear blue water beaches in India.

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