Travel by bus to London from Delhi!! Covering 18 Countries

Bus to London from Delhi

In the past, the longest bus route in the world ran from Kolkata to London in the 1960s. That was about a hundred-day International trip between India and the United Kingdom.

Imagine a wonderful road trip by bus to London from Delhi that crossing overseas boundaries and get immersed in cultures in diverse nations along the way. It seems like an adventure in life and feels like history is repeating itself after such a long time but the starting point is different from the last bus trip.

bus to London route

You have a chance to become a part of the longest bus journey that will be started after a long period. Let us know about this adventurous trip by bus to London route below and get to know how does it work and who came up with this mind-blowing idea.

Travel from Delhi to London

Adventurous Overland, a travel company based in Gurugram, has come up with such a unique idea to travel from Delhi to London in seventy days by covering almost 20, 000 kilometers. This was launched officially by this company.

The cost of this entire road is about INR 15 lakhs for each person to commute from Delhi to London and then, back to the starting destination. It is surely a bit steep as compared to that of air travel. But you will get to tour about eighteen countries and go through their cultures, that is why it is quite worthwhile too!!

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Here, you can commute from Delhi to London across two continents that covering eighteen nations in a well-organized as well as luxurious bus service for a lifetime. It is such a unique experience that one can get.

Some information about the journey from Delhi to London below.

  • Means of travel: personalized luxury bus for outstanding comfort
  • Bus to London price: INR 15 lakhs for per person
  • Duration of the trip: Leg 1, Leg 2, Leg 3, and Leg 4
  • Veg Food: Both local food available with limited services and ready to eat options
  • Inclusions: Availability of hotel stay, visa as well as standard tourist visa fee, highly experienced English-speaking guide, and assistance for border crossing.

The dream bus was labeled as “Bus to London from Delhi” by Adventures Overland and that is the longest bus journey after Kolkata to London in 1960. The history is being recreated by offering all required comfort as well as luxury. It will be an amazing bus journey as the travelers have a great opportunity to explore the Great Wall of China, European Frankfurt, pagodas in Myanmar, and so on.

Some of the nations that are being covered in this bus to London trip include India, China, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Laos, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Latvia, Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany. Read more know about this bus to London itinerary below.

Four legs spanning diverse nations

This whole bus journey has comprised of four legs that cover around eighteen nations across two continents. Once it has reached London, then the return route will be the same. There is no need to finish with the whole journey from Delhi to London as it is hopping on hop off bus.

You can go for the leg-wise journey and fly to a preferred destination, then catch the bus and complete the leg-wise trip. Here, we have four legs of the journey that you may need to know before getting started with the same.

India, Myanmar, and Thailand

The bus to London journey will begin from Delhi. Further, it will embark on a road trip by crossing some Indian cities such as Lucknow, Guwahati, Siliguri, Imphal, Muzaffarpur, and Kohima. After that, you will find yourself to cross the oversee borders and enter into Myanmar to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the pagodas of Bagan.

The trip continues further and goes through the borders of Myanmar to that of Thailand. Wander across the Thai capital of Bangkok as you travel along the Mekong River into Laos and complete the journey as it is time to enter China.


The second leg starts from Chengdu in China. Witness the relics of the Great Wall of China as you find cute pandas at Chengdu as well as the Mogao caves situated in Jiayuguan and Dunhuang in Gansu. Then, you can enjoy the Gobo desert and mountains and glaciers of China. Finally, the leg-2 beauty finishes at some of the amazing towns of China, such as Turpan and Kashgar.

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia

The third leg of this journey begins from Kyrgyzstan, the Silk Orad era city of Bishkek. Stroll along mouth-watering samsas and get breathe in the fresh spices and see the lively bazaars.

Thereafter, the bus to London takes you to the beautiful nation of, Uzbekistan where you can enjoy Tashkent and Samarkand, Khiva as well as Bukhara’s historical wonders.

Then, enter into Kazakhstan and finally get into monumental Russia. Feast your eyes on the World Heritage Sites that thrill you from inside and the third leg is about to close here.

Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom

Baltic nations of Latvia as well as Lithuania is the starting point of the final leg. The UNESCO’s old town charm will enthrall you with the serenity and elegance. Venture out to Poland’s largest city, then to the Czech capital of Prague and the German metropolis of Frankfurt.

Enjoy some appetizing chocolates and exclusive Brussel’s brew and final, reach your dream destination, London in the United Kingdom.

FAQs about Bus to London From Delhi

Q1: How many days will this take to travel the whole journey?

It takes seventy days from the bus to London and vice-versa.

Q2: How many country’s visas are required?

Eighteen countries are included in the trip and it includes all visa and tourist fees.

Q3: When will this longest journey set to begin?

It will begin in May 2021.

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