Burma Bazaar in Chennai: Great Place for Tech Junkies

Burma Bazaar in Chennai

Burma Bazaar in Chennai is a tech-based market run by Burmese refugees. It is located at the Parrys Corner just outside the Chennai Beach railway station, in the historic Georgetown neighborhood. The market was set up by the Government Of Tamil Nadu in 1969 and the market is run by an organization named Burma Tamizhar Marumalarchi Sangam which was created in 1966 to look after the rights and interests of the traders.

Burma Bazaar in Chennai

If you are visiting Chennai for the very first time then it’s a great idea to head towards this market that sees around 100,000 people passing the 1-kilometer corridor every week. There are around 600 shops that employ 5000 people in that 1-kilometer stretch. Most of the time this place is crowded with people coming out of the railway station. Burma Bazaar was established by the Burmese immigrants, who were Tamil refugees that moved to Myanmar during the early 1960s.

Burma Bazaar is open in all day from 10 AM in the morning till 10 PM in the night. On sundays the market is open for half day till 2 PM in afternoon but some shops open till night. Most of the shops sell electronic items but make sure that you carry cash with you as most of the shops only prefer to take cash for the items. There are no guarantee as such for any sold product so try to examine the product and assu yourself that you are buying the right product.

Burma Bazaar Address: N Fort Rd, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001, India

Things to do in Burma Bazaar

There are several shops that deal in the same things like electronics, toys, eateries, textiles, and many more things but only some major things could be called the main attractions of Burma Bazaar. Here are some major things that attract most of the people to the Burma market.

  • Buy Cheap Electronics: There is no doubt that this place is indeed famous for its cheap electronic items like mobile phones, laptops, television. DSLRs, and you can even buy second-hand electronics at very reasonable prices. Be sure that you check the product before buying as many Chinese replicas are also sold here.
  • Try Delicious Burmese Street Food: Go down the streets and you will find many food stalls selling delicious Burmese food at great prices. Majorly all the food stalls are situated at  2nd Line Beach Road and they open up after 5 PM in the evening till late at night. You must give a try “atho” which is Burmese rice noodles tossed with garlic oil.
  • Gift Yourself Imported Fragrances: Another great thing to look for is the mesmerizing aromas that are imported from outside. There are many fake products as well so you need to be cautious while buying anything from here. Make sure that you negotiate with the sellers before buying anything for you.

Places to visit near Burma Bazaar

Marina Beach:

Marina Beach

If you are tired of shopping in the market you can take a time off and visit the second largest beach in the world. Marina beach is 4.3 km from the Burma market and it takes roughly 10 minutes to reach the beach. The beach is stretched at a length of 13 kilometers and you can take a walk here and try some recreational activities.

Fort St. George:

Fort St. George

Known as the first English fort built in India by the East India Company in 1639 the Fort St. George is only 3.2 km away from the market which takes around 5-6 mins if you are in your vehicle. The fort was named after a patron saint of England. It’s a great palace for people who are interested in places with historical significance.

Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple:

Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple

If you are in Chennai then it is not possible that you do not notice the beautiful temples sprawling all around the city. Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and belongs to the Hindu tradition of Vaishnavism. The temple is only 5.8 km away from the market, which takes around 10-12 mins.

Ramanujan Museum:

Ramanujan Museum

Srinivasa Ramanujan is a well-known Indian Mathematician who was born in 1887 and this one-room museum is dedicated to him only. The museum is only 3.7 km far from the market and takes around 12 mins approximately for people to commute. Although Ramanujan died at the early age of 32, this museum celebrates his life all year round.

How to reach Burma Bazaar

You can reach Burma Bazaar in Chennai by taking the three most common ways which are:

  • Airways: Chennai International Airport is the only nearest airport from where you can hire a cab or take a bus till the market.
  • Roadways: Bus services are available till nearest bus stops like Parrys Corner and Ranga Vilas friom where you can walk on foot for 2 minutes till market. You can even get cabs or drive you own car till market.
  • Railways: Chennai Beach Railwy Station is the nearest railway station where EMU trains have stoppage. You can even take Metro till High Court on Blue Line and take a 10 min walk till market.

Best Shops in the Market

There are numerous things to shop in the Burma market from cheap electronics, eateries, toys, and other household things. But some famous shops in Burma Bazaar are considered by customers for different purposes. Like if you want good cheap electronics head towards M.S. Electronics, Noor Electronics. For CDs and DVDs, you can pay a visit to Karthik DVD & CD Point. For good Burmese food you can try Aziz’s Atho Stall and there are many more shops.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burma Bazaar

Q1: How much time is needed to explore the market?

You can explore the full market in 1-1.5 hours.

Q2: What is the best time of the day to visit the market?

The best time to visit the market could be after 11 AM and before 1 PM when the market opens up and fewer visitors can be seen.

Q3: Does this market accept all kinds of payments?

It is better to pay by cash as many shops do not accept cards for payments.

By Pradeep Sharma