Bir Billing: Know Everything About This Beautiful Paragliding Spot

Bir Billing

Bir is a small town located near the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Despite being a small village or town, the places offer many fascinating views with so many unique activities for the people who come here to seek peace from their daily monotonous life. Billing is a valley located 14 kilometers away from Bir, but majorly people think of it as Bir Billing only. Whenever people talk about Bir Billing, Paragliding strikes everyone’s mind. 

Bir Billing

Also known as the “Paragliding Capital Of India”, Bir Billing, is a place that offers travellers breathtaking views, and it is also a well-known center of ecotourism. Bir is also famous because as it is a home to the tibetian culture and many refugees has settled there from a long time. For meditation lovers, this place is a heaven and you can enjoy the calmness of this place and meditate for hours.

Which is the Most Famous Activity in Bir Billing?

The main purpose of people visiting Bir Billing is Gliding through the snowy white clouds and experiencing the cool, calm vibe from at least 8000 meters up in the sky. You get many stunning views of the tea plantations and the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, which makes it one of the best activities that everyone should try in Bir Billing. Best paragliding in bir billing is offered by many online websites and you can buy those services offline as well.

Things To Know About Paragliding At Bir Billing

  • Booking – You can book paragliding in Bir Billing from various online websites.
  • Price – Average cost of paragliding starts from 1500-2500 rupees per person at Bir Billing.
  • Location – Skylark School of Paragliding, Travel Bir Billing, and Bir Billing Flying Adventures are best paragliding service providers.
  • Time – March to May, and October- November is the best possible time for paragliding at Bir Billing.

Adventurous Things To Do In Bir Billing Apart From Paragliding

There are many things that bir billing famous for, and certainly it is not only paragliding. Lets see the major things to do in bir billing.


Camping in bir billing is yet another very popular activity that most of the people opt for. If you came here, in search of peace and exploring the beauty of this place, then living in the closed hotel room might not provide the thrill and excitement that you were expecting from your trip. To enjoy the beautiful scenic views and fresh air from the top of the hills, everyone should go camping in bir billing..

Camping in bir billing
  • Booking – Bir billing tent stay can be bought online from various websites. 
  • Price – Average price starts from 1500 per person for one night.
  • Location – The Blue Camp, Camp Kasbah Bir, Connect, and Shivirama Camping.
  • Time –  April to June.

Hang Gliding:

Bir Billing is famous for its aero-sports and apart from paragliding, the second most common aerial activity here is hang gliding. As compared to the paragliding where you have a professional person with you at your back, you are alone and you have to be physically fit if you want to go for this activity. Moreover, this activity requires more precision and training. But, if you want to feel the cool breeze and witness the scenic beauty from the top, this activity will fill your heart with joy.

Hang Gliding in Bir Billing
  • Booking – Booking can be done online from various websites.
  • Price – Average price starts from 2000 per person.
  • Location – Near Kangra District
  • Time – October to mid June.

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There is no better thing than trekking if you are going to mountains and most importantly if you are wandering in the mountains of Bir Billing. The trekking activity is most of the time included in the bir billing packages that people buy online from websites. The cost that you pay for the package includes trekking, meals, tent stay and a guide, under whose guidance you will be going for the trek.

Trekking in Bir Billing

Major Places To Visit In Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a paradise on earth, it enjoys many natural scenery views, waterfalls and many cultural places. Some major places to visit in bir Billing are listed below.

  • Bir River
  • Bangoru Waterfall
  • Deer Park Institute
  • Chokling Monastery
  • Bir Tea Factory
  • Tibetan Colony
  • Baijnath Temple
  • Himalayan Film School

Other things to know about Bir Billing

  • Weather In Bir Billing: Bir billing weather is mild and favourable for stays, trekking, camping and paragliding. However during monsoons, it becomes difficult to travel as it receives heavy rainfall and chances of landslide arise. The Bir billing snowfall season stays from December to January. 
  • Food In Bir Billing: So, if you were searching for where to eat in Bir Billing? then you can try the Glider’s Pizzeria, Byron Bay Café, Garden Café And Restaurant and try the tibetaian styles dishes from many cultural restaurants. 
  • Market In Bir Billing: The Bir Road is a very famous market here, where you get clothes, traditional stuff, many food shops are also here, and if you are a travel freak, bike rental shops are also present here.
  • Stay At Bir Billing: If you have not opted for bir billing packages online and want to book everything separately, then you can select places like Bir Nest, Camp Oak View, Zostel, and Tatva Bir Camp.

Things To Carry For Bir Billing Trip

Bir Billing is not a place of many days so a weekend trip would be enough. Things to carry for Bir Billing Weekend Trip may include some warm clothes like jackets, windcheaters, woolen caps, scarf for winters and for summer, normal cotton clothes with two normal jackets would be fine. Additional things like a torch, power banks, raincoat, selfie stick, sunglasses, lotion and medicines should be present with you in your backpack.

How To Reach Bir Billing?

You can use bus, taxi, trains and airplanes to reach Bir Billing. However, to get inside the town you need a bus or taxi from railway stations and airports.

How To Reach Bir Billing From Delhi?

The Bir Billing distance from Delhi is approximately 512 kilometers and it takes 11-12 hours. You can reach bir billing by taking aerial service from Delhi to the nearest airport Dharamshala. You can use train service from Delhi to Pathnakot and take a bus from Delhi to Baijnath.

Distance From Other Nearby Cities

  • Mcleodganj to Bir Billing distance is 72-73 kms and takes around 2-3 hours.
  • Bir billing to dharamshala distance is 67 kms and takes around 2 hours.
  • Bir billing to Delhi is 512 kms and takes around 11-12 hours.
  • Pathankot to Bir Billing distance is 142 kms and takes around 3-4 hours.
  • Dharamshala to Bir Billing distance is 64 kms and takes around 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bir Billing

Q1. What is the best time to visit Bir BIlling?

Best time to visit Bir Billing is Summers.

Q2. How many days are enough for a Bir Billing trip?

3 days and 2 night trip is enough for Bir Billing.

Q3: How far is Bir billing From Delhi?

Bir Billing distance from Delhi is 512 kms.

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