Bioluminescent beaches in India – Experience the unforgettable beauty of glowing water

The 7,000-kilometre-long coastline of the country is lined with some of the most beautiful and bioluminescent beaches in India. Apart from beautiful seas, ultramarine oceans, exciting water activities and palm groves, some of India ‘s unique beaches have so much more to offer than just a peaceful setting. Offering something special from each other, there are glowing beaches in India, which have a unique feature that could not be found anywhere else in the world.


Until now, this occurrence has only been found in the Kavaratti island of Lakshadweep. You could now detect it at South Goa’s Betalbatim, and a few instances have also been found at Mumbai’s Juhu Beach.

Bioluminescent Beach in Mumbai

Juhu beach is the one of the Bioluminescent beaches in India that has a brilliant shade of blue color. At first glance, it appears mystical and unworldly, a bit like a scene from the Hollywood movie Life of Pi, but that’s real — and not as uncommon as one might have thought. Bioluminescent aquatic bacteria or phytoplankton are responsible for this nighttime illumination.

Bioluminescent beaches in India - Mumbai
  • Particular, underwater bio-luminescence can be seen around half a kilometre away from the beach in the dark, “said by Mumbai based naturalists.
  • Nearest places to visit: ISKCON Temple, Bollywood, Holy Cross Church, Prithvi Theatre etc. You can also make a plan to visit these mesmerizing places.

Bioluminescent Beach in Goa

Betalbatim beach in South Goa is quieter, nicer, and ideal for those wanting a relaxing getaway. The beaches are beautiful and the mood is peaceful. But we bet that you don’t know that it is a bioluminescent Beach in Goa that shines in the night. Thanks to a common effect known as Bioluminescence, the waves look as though they were sparkling in the night.

Bioluminescent beaches in India - Goa
  • During nighttime, the scenery starts to glitter due to bioluminescent algae. It glows every moment the water is disturbed, but it has gradually diminished over time, which is good news for the ecology of the lake.
  • Betalbatim Beach is a patch of white sand in South Goa. This tiny beach area is ideally located between Colva Beach and Majorda Cove. Unlike the other beaches, Betalbatim Beach is very beautiful and undisturbed by adventure junkies.

Bioluminescence Beach in Andaman

Havelock Island is a Bioluminescence beach in Andaman. Observing it happening at Havelock Islands beaches as one of the best things to see in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in which the water glows when you sail your boat across them. This is attributed to the abundance of phytoplankton in marine waters. Bioluminescence can be seen against no moon nights.

Bioluminescent beaches in India - Andaman
  • The best time to witness the Bioluminescence effect in Andaman is in the months of November, December and January and that is also the right time to visit Andaman to experience great weather and beautiful scenes of natural habitats of the Andaman Islands.
  • One of the main attractions of Radhanagar Beaches is the appearance of this glowing water. You can have this beautiful feeling right after the sunset.

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Bioluminescent Beach in Lakshadweep

Bangram Beach is a floating beach in the Arabian Sea, in Lakshadweep Island, this Beach is among the most unique Bioluminescent or glowing beaches in India. At night, its waters of the beaches are darkened by the involvement with phytoplankton releasing blue light, rendering the ocean appear like a sea of stars.

  • Nature has such magnificent elegance that it takes our breath away. Beaches are objects of exquisite elegance from their own, and when the sun shines, it’s completely beautiful. There are some beaches in India that display bioluminescence, one of which is Bangaram beach in Lakshadweep Islands.
  • There is something really romantic about the mere idea of an unpopulated world, and Bangaram beach supports this sensation. Tear-drop shape, covered by a dense halo of white sand. Just like all the other islands of Lakshadweep, luxurious coconut plants provide awesomeness during the hot months of the day.

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Why this Bioluminescence Phenomena Occurs?

Bioluminescence is the absorption and development of life by a normal microbe (Phytoplankton). In this case, these organisms reside mostly in the sea and are taken to the shores by the currents and waves in the ocean. When they enter there, the movement of the environment switches, contributing to the light emission. The sand, with its waves, will thus look light blue in color.

When waves crash on the sandy beach, or when bare feet walk on damp waters, a light blue glow emerges. This mysterious impact is triggered by a bioluminescent plankton that sometimes exists in warm coastal waters. Bioluminescence is a biological release of light by species. Chemical reactions within such species, such as aquatic algae and fireflies, give them a sparkle.

Some common questions about bioluminescent beaches in India

Q1: Why does this phenomenon appear?

Most species forms have certain bioluminescent parts. It is usually used to alert predators, attract and locate prey, and to interact with certain members of the group.

Q2: Why does it glow in the dark?

Bioluminescence is triggered by phytoplankton and algae that occupy certain beaches. Aquatic species, such as jellyfish, are washed up to the sides of the ocean at high tide and shine like gems in the evenings. This blueish white light is the product of a magnificent vision. It is also regarded as the mystery of the milky sea.

Q3: Is bioluminescent plankton harmful?

Dinoflagellate bioluminescence can be stunning, but it can also be a symbol of risk. Many of the animals in the ecosystem are poisonous. … Other organisms, such as the sea shimmer, they are not as poisonous, but can have some adverse consequences.

Q4: Can we swim in bioluminescent beaches?

Yes, it is completely all right to swim in that glowing water, until you have the proper authority or permission to do this. But many times, people are not allowed to swim in the water with a bioluminescent effect.

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