Best White Sand Beach in India – Enjoy Quality Time with Your Loved ones

Best White Sand Beach in India

If you are looking for a memorable vacation, go to a best white sand beach in India. These types of beaches are quite stunning and prove to be the best location for photography. There are some of the best white sand beaches in India that are best for holidays and adventures. One such place is the Radhanagar beach that is very famous for its beautiful and mesmerizing view.

Radhanagar beach is considered as the favorite spot for the people who are planning or Andaman’s. It is one of the hot destination places for the newly married couple as it gives them space with a beautiful view to know about each other. The best time to visit is from December to February as the climate is quite pleasant.

The beach is surrounded by dense forest and in front of the beautiful sea to capture some best moments.The clean and clear water of the sea also attracts people as it is tough to find such a location in India. Everyone who is planning to visit Andaman must surely visit Radhanagar beach.

Why is Radhanagar beach considered as the top tourist location?

Radhanagar is one of the biggest beaches, so it is effortless for people to find some quiet place. So, people who are on their honeymoon and willing to spend some memorable moments with their partners can find their own space. The view, sound of water waves and beautiful atmosphere can make your day.

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One who is looking out to avoid traffic must visit the beach early in the morning. One can even opt for a long walk, yoga or meditation early in the morning. It is one of India’s best white beach sand that can give some peaceful and relaxed time from your busy life.

So, if you too love to enjoy the water and green palm trees and coastline nothing is better than Radhanagar beach. All the photographers can find their perfect shot and gather some evergreen moments at the beach. The best part is no one would feel tired spending quality time at the beach as the view changes with time, and no matter whether it is sunrise or sunset, everything is fascinating.

What are the highlights of the Radhanagar beach?

The white sand and blue water is the highlight of this beach.  Photophilic always lookout for opportunities to get perfect pictures and Radhanagar beach is the best for it. This beach has many such spots where one can get a click picture and create beautiful memories. Adventurous, relaxing, staycations, sunset, trekking are some things that can be enjoyed when you visit this beach.

Radhanagar is considered as the best white beach in India and also in the world. The beach ambience is also one reason it is regarded as the best tourist spot among travellers. People love to walk barefoot on the beach, and when waves bush along the feet, it feels very enthralling and relaxed.  People who visit Andaman make sure to consider Radhanagar beach in their itinerary.

What activities can be performed at Radhanagar white sand beach?

When we think of the beach, the first thing that comes to our mind is the adventure to try out and get a new experience. Some of the adventures to enjoy at this best white sand beach in India are:

  • Scuba Diving: If you wish to explore more about ocean life, go for South Button Island near Radhanagar beach to enjoy Scuba diving. It is a certification course, which will always remind you of this beautiful moment. One opting for scuba can witness marine life and get an unforgettable experience of life. The clear water makes the species easily visible and thus get to know more about them.
  • Trekking: Radhanagar beach also has dense rainforest trees where you can walk along with friends and family. This forest is safe to walk and can also give some alone time with your partner. At the right side of the beach, one can visit Neil’s Cove lagoon by walking along the forest and thus get some special place to create memories.
  • Snorkelling: Elephant beach is nearby Radhanagar beach where you can opt for snorkelling. You can see the beauty of marine life along with corals in the clean water. It is very famous in Radhanagar beach, so it’s advisable to book a session before visiting the beach.
  • Relax: Yes, relaxing at Radhanagar beach is also a part of the activity. You can sit with your partner to enjoy the beautiful green trees along with the blue sea. One would love walking barefoot on this white and beach and create bonding with a partner. Spending and relaxing at the beach can make your trip memorable.

The best time to reach the beach is at 3:00 pm as it is when you can enjoy the beautiful view and sunset. Strolling on the beach during the evening will give some quality time with your family and partner. Relaxing is the best thing, and spending time with loved ones can provide unforgettable moments of life. So, if you too are planning for any vacation, go for this white sand beach and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Frequently-asked questions about Best White Sand Beach

Q1: How to reach Radhanagar beach?

Radhanagar beach is located on Havelock Island. It is just 10 km away from Havelock jetty, and one can hire a rickshaw or rent a scooter to reach the Radhanagar beach.

Q2: What makes Radhanagar the best white sand beach in India?

The blue water, along with white sand is the best combination to take a long walk. The beach view during sunset is fascinating, and one can capture the picture in camera.

Q3: Which facilities are available at Radhanagar beach?

This white sand beach is the best tourist spot and is equipped with all the facilities like shower rooms, eateries and also washrooms.

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