A Guide to Savor the Best Street Food in Jaipur

Best Street Food in Jaipur

Jaipur, ‘The Pink City’, also known as the city of forts, palaces, and royalty has been a special place for a vacation. With a plethora of options offered by the city to explore, rest assured to have a great time in the city.

You would have a gala time trying the authentic Rajasthani dishes that have been relatively high on the taste quotient. You would relish the best street food in Jaipur while exploring the mesmerizing places in the city.

Best Street Food in Jaipur

Wide-ranging of dishes to explore

You would have a wide range of dishes to explore ranging from dal-baati-churma to keema baati, laal maas, ghewar, kulfi, and a wide range of other things to eat in Jaipur. Rest assured to have a great treat for your taste buds in the region. It would not be wrong to suggest that Rajasthani people are the best when it comes to living in grandeur. It would also be evident in their mind-blowing food, which is as lavish as their lifestyle.

When visiting the exquisite city, people would often be confused with a wide variety of dishes. It would be pertinent to mention here that the local street food of the city has been simply irresistible, spicy, tangy, and dripping in ghee. Enjoying the local dishes is not only about tasting the local cuisines, but also about experiencing the culture of the region.

For your ease of visiting the grand city, find below a compiled list of the delectable local street food options you should not miss.

1. Masala Chai

Are you a tea lover? You should try the masala chai. Rest assured that masala chai should be at the top of your list. Accompanied by a bun-maska, you would relish it to kick-start your day. You could also try the bun-samosa, which is a specialty street food of Jaipur. The packed bun-samosa is a craze among the locals, which is enjoyed while sipping the tea while gossiping.

2. Golgappa

When it comes to street food, who does not like a golgappa? The spicy wonder has been popular with the locals as puchka and paani-puri. It is something that every person would relish savoring. You could enjoy the golgappa in Fashion Street. People throng the place to enjoy a wide variety of spicy, tangy, and sweet chutneys taken with the customized golgappas. It has been a popular place for the locals serving the delectable golgappas suitable for your taste-buds needs.

3. Pyaaz Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori is necessary when it comes to trying the best things to eat in Jaipur. The higher-on-taste pyaaz kachori would let you forget the high calories encompassed in the street food. The exquisite taste would not make your stop at one. The mind-blowing taste of the pyaaz-kachori along with side orders such as samosa, aloo bonda, mirchi-vada, and dal kachori is something you should not miss at any cost. It may be a nightmare for people on a diet, but worth trying when exploring the delectable street food of Jaipur. It would not be wrong to suggest that you would relish savoring these spicy Rajasthani dishes on your trip to Jaipur.

4. Kaathi roll

Are you a chicken lover? You would relish enjoying the Kaathi Roll with a wide variety of stuffing ranging from chicken to shawarma to tikka. Rest assured to enjoy a huge variety of chicken stuffing on their menu. You would enjoy the most popular Kaathi Roll on the MI Road. The place often crowded by people looking forward to ordering Kaathi Rolls has been a delight for you. It would not be wrong to suggest that Kaathi Roll is a delight to consume. You could find the best Kaathi Rolls in the region until midnight. The MI Road is a famous spot among youngsters. To enjoy the street food expedition, rest assured that Jaipur is incomplete without exploring the delectable street food.

5. Pav Bhaji

Are you in love with Pav Bhaji? Despite the mouth-watering, laden with butter, pav bhaji being a nightmare for calorie-conscious people, you would enjoy the tasty delight until your stomach bloats. The freshly made pav bhaji, loaded with butter, neither burns your calories nor burns a significant hole in your pocket. It has been widely relished by the locals and tourists alike. It would not be wrong to suggest that the aroma of the simmering pav bhaji would make you forget the diet regime. The chances of you feasting on the scrumptious pav bhaji are relatively higher than avoiding it after a couple of bites.

6. Omelette

What could be extraordinary about an omelette? You may wonder why it has a special mention in the scrumptious street food list of Jaipur. Rest assured that it is not simply the omelette, but the place where you savor the special delight. You would be spoilt for nearly 20 varieties of omelette at Bapu Nagar. Locals and tourists, to savor the different varieties of omelette, often throng the place. It would be pertinent to mention here that you should not miss the special treat inclusive of egg pizza and masala omelette.

7. Chicken Tikka

For chicken lovers, Jaipur has several delectable cuisines to offer. You could make the most of the scrumptious Chicken Tikkas and Laal Maas apart from savoring the vegetarian specialties of ‘The Pink City’. To satisfy your chicken-hunger pangs, consider investing your time and money in the non-vegetarian food at Raja Park. The complete dhaba atmosphere would be a sight to watch. However, people usually prefer having meals in their cars in the place. As a result, you may find a long queue of cars outside the place. You could enjoy the delicacy with tandoori roti, masala, onion rings, and lemon. Ensure you try the specialty of the place – Hariyali Chicken Tikka and Lahsooni Chicken Tikka.

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You could also make the most of other street food items inclusive of kulfi faluda, shrikhand, lassi, cold coffee, and a wide variety of sweets. With such a huge list of best street food in Jaipur, you would have a great time in the grand city of Jaipur.

Frequently asked questions about Best Street Food in Jaipur

Q1: What is the best mode to reach Jaipur?

You could travel to Jaipur by train, flight, and road. The railway junction at Jaipur connects the city to the nation. The Sanganer Airport is the nearest airport to Jaipur. The NH8, NH11, and NH12 connect Jaipur to other cities.

Q2:  Where would you find the best street food in Jaipur?

The Masala Chowk would be the end of all your street food cravings. The other available options are Raja Park, Jawahar Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Bapu Nagar, and more.

Q3: What is the accommodation cost in Jaipur?

On average, the accommodation cost in Jaipur is approximately 2300 INR per night. You could find more or less based on your booking options.

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