Atal Tunnel: World’s Longest Tunnel in Rohtang Pass

Atal Tunnel: The Longest Tunnel in The World

Many new reformations have been made in India by our beloved Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. One of them is the “Atal Tunnel,” which is considered the highest tunnel in India and the world. This tunnel is built on Rohtang pass and will add new strength to India’s border and infrastructure. Narendra Modi inaugurated this tunnel on October 3rd, and it was also the Atal tunnel opening date.

This tunnel is just reducing the distance between Manali and Leh and allowing staying connected throughout the year.The decision to build Atal tunnel below Rohtang was taken in 2000 by our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The main aim of making the tunnel was to promote tourism in India and strengthen the Indian border with Pakistan and China. But this project was not executed during that time.

Our current Prime Minister decided to make this project successful, and so the construction was started in the year 2010. The name of the tunnel is also given after Atalji’s name as “Atal Tunnel.” Thus, the decision made in history was finally executed and made a dream come true for India.

The tunnel is built over an altitude of 3000 meters and is 9.02 km long. It will reduce the distance between Manali Valley and Spiti valley. The Atal tunnel distance will cut down 4 km run from 474 km between Leh and Manali.

Facts about Atal Tunnel Project

1) The Atal tunnel is one of the biggest in the world, built at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Based on GPS, the Atal tunnel length is 9.02 km long and is equipped with safety precautions.

2) The tunnel is built with all the ultra-modern facilities like CCTV cameras, air check, Fire hydrant, broadcasting system and many others. AS the tunnel is quite lengthy, all precautions would make the runway safe.

3) The tunnel is strong enough and can handle a fair amount of traffic like 1500 trucks and 300 cars in a day. The maximum speed for vehicles while going in the tunnel must be 80km/hour.

4) The main aim of building the tunnel was to make a connection with Leh throughout the year. Initially, during snowfall, the road connecting Leh was closed for six months, but it would be open throughout the year with the tunnel.

5) The tunnel can cut down the distance between Manali and Leh by 46 kilometers, nearly saving 5 hours.

6) The tunnel has a roadway of 8 meters long and also has an overhead clearance of 5.525 meters. The approximate width is 10. Meters, which makes it quite spacious. The tunnel is shaped like a horseshoe, which is unique.

7) Atal tunnel has a south portal 25kms away from Manali while the north portal is near the Lahaul village.

8) The tunnel construction started in the year 2010, and it was expected to get end by May, but due to the Corona pandemic, it took time. Finally, on October 3rd, it was inaugurated by our Prime Minister and thus got started.

9) The total cost to build this longest tunnel was approximately 3200 crores and will help the Indian military.

Why is Atal Tunnel important for India?

India is not on good terms with China and Pakistan; thus, the tunnel will have complete control over the eastern Ladakh. It also gives all-weather connectivity to the Indian military and will help them during unexpected weather conditions. It will also promote tourism in India and thus would inspire people to visit such beautiful places.

It is helpful for the military or just to cut down distance and bring fortune for these regions’ people. People living in the Himalayas would know the importance of these tunnels as it will reduce their travel time and give every measure of security. 

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According to prime minister Atal, the tunnel will also increase the employment options for the youth. It will also make it easy for people to set up their handicraft and other products business as connections with Leh will be open throughout the year. People would set up hotels and homestays and thus will get more employment opportunities.

Atal Tunnel will have a positive impact on India and will add a star to its achievement. The reduction of time between Leh and Manali will help people to cut down their travel distance. Moreover, there would be a connection with Leh throughout the year. The borders of Indian would be strengthened, and thus the Atal tunnel is like a boon to India.

FAQs about Atal Tunnel

Q1: Is photography allowed?

According to government rules, photography is banned from 200 meters of the South Portal until the tunnel. It means tourists are not allowed any videography or photography of the tunnel.

Q2: How much time is saved by the Atal tunnel?

The Atal Tunnel is connecting Leh and Manali, which will indirectly reduce 46km. It means one could save approximately 5 hours of the run because of this tunnel.

Q3: What safety precautions are available in the tunnel?

For complete safety, CCTV cameras are installed in the tunnel that keeps an eye on one very moving vehicle. The air quality is also measured at every 1 kilometre while a fire hydrant is installed at every 60 meters.

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