Enjoy the Nine-Day Long Cultural Kala Ghoda Festivities in Mumbai

kala ghoda festival

The unique kala ghoda festival would commence on the first Saturday of February and lasts until the second Sunday in February. The unique art festival takes place in the Kala Ghoda area of South Mumbai in the Indian subcontinent. If you wonder what is kala ghoda festival, rest assured to be spoilt for choice of options meeting your specific needs of visual arts, music, dance, cinema, theatre, literature, workshops, architecture, and more. It would also provide a dedicated section for children. You could find a vibrant section inclusive of various kinds of stalls offering environment-friendly craft and handmade arts wares.

kala ghoda festival

With the unique art festival having corporate sponsorships, the people seeking entry to all events should rest assured to get free entry. However, the restrictions would be applicable based on the size of the venues. What are the venues for organizing the kala ghoda arts festival? Find below the list of venues for the festival.

  • The National Gallery of Modern Art auditorium
  • The David Sassoon Library garden
  • The CSMVS lawns and auditoriums
  • The Museum in Mumbai
  • The Cross Maidan
  • The MC Ghia Hall
  • The Horniman Circle garden
  • The Max Mueller Bhawan Gallery
  • The Tata store at the Army and Navy Building
  • The Cafeteria at Westside
  • The street area and the parking lot of Kaikashru Dubash Marg or the Rampart Row

The upcoming Kala Ghoda festival

During the festival, the Rampart Row would be closed off for vehicles. The entire area would be studded with food stalls, sketch artists, artisans selling creations, street art installations, and more. Due to its increasing popularity, the festival has gone beyond the Kala Ghoda crescent. The events have expanded to Horniman Circle and Cross Maidan.

The most significant cultural event, the Kala Ghoda festival 2021 would be organized in Mumbai. However, the dates are yet to be confirmed for the kala ghoda festival to be held in February 2021.

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2021 to be held in Mumbai would be an eagerly awaited event for art lovers. The festival celebrates art in its diverse forms. Rest assured the nine-day festival has been alluring tourists from various parts of the world. Most of these tourists have been a regular visitor to the festival, regardless of the venue.

Main attractions of the festival

The main attractions of the Kala Ghoda arts festival would be inclusive of the display of different kinds of artwork. You would come across some popular artists displaying their creativity in the Visual Arts section. Apart from the art section, you could enjoy the delectable dishes and cuisines in the culinary section. You would come across world-famous chefs and experts giving live demonstrations on different cuisines. They would also host workshops for interested students.

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To indulge yourself in poetry, you could make the most of the Literature section. It would also offer you workshops, panel discussions, and book launches with renowned authors. You would be given the option to enjoy the music and dance performances by various groups and artists. The performances would range from contemporary to classic, international to Indian folk, and other popular dance forms. Revel in the film section offering you a chance to pay tribute to the distinguished personalities and celebrated artists.

The Kala Ghoda festival holds several surprises for children as well. It entails numerous fun-filled and learning activities for children under the Children Section. If you were contemplating looking into the heritage, which Mumbai holds, rest assured to go through the several heritage walks organized by the festival.

A brief view on the last 3 Kala Ghoda festivals

Let us delve on what the previous 3 Kala Ghoda festivals had in store for you. It would help you gain an idea about the things to expect at the upcoming Kala Ghoda festival 2021.

Kala Ghoda festival 2018

The Mumbai kala ghoda festival 2018 was a successful event held during February from the 3rd to the 11th. The theme for the festival was ‘Hara Ghoda.’ It promoted the need to go green for sustaining the future of the planet.

Kala Ghoda festival 2019

The biggest cultural street festival, the kala ghoda festival 2019 or the KGAF celebrated two magnificent decades of arts and culture across several communities inclusive of dance, theatre, literature, cinema, design, and more. The festival was held in Mumbai in February from 2nd to 10th in 2019. The festival commemorated 20 years of its commencement along with celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Kala Ghoda festival 2020

The kala ghoda festival 2020 was held at Mumbai from 1st to 9th February. The theme for the kala ghoda festival 2020 was zest. It included the workshops centered on the betterment and expression of oneself with utmost enthusiasm. The timing of the festival is from 10 am to 10 pm.

What various things you could do in the kala ghoda art festival?

With free entry, you could explore the mesmerizing display of works of art of various artists. They visit Mumbai to display their masterpieces to art lovers from various parts of the nation and the world.

Frequently asked questions about Kala Ghoda Festival

Q1: When is the kala ghoda festival 2021?

The Kala Ghoda festival 2021 is scheduled for February 2021 in Mumbai. However, the dates and the theme are yet to be determined.

Q2: How to participate in the kala ghoda festival?

To participate in the festival, rest assured it is an entry free festival for the public. The entry has been made free of the public across all programs for all sections. Near the festival dates, you would get a downloadable file on the official website. You would also get a guide from the helpdesk during the festival.

If you wish to volunteer for the festival, you could email it to the official address.

Q3: What to do at the kala ghoda festival?

You could do several things at the kala ghoda festival. The festival would provide you with a chance to explore the cultural and rich heritage of India.

Due to the immense popularity of the festival, you may face long queues. Therefore, you should make prior registration for some events. You can get detailed information on the official website. 

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