Gandikota Fort – Explore the Historical Heritages along with the Nature

Gandikota fort

There are many tourist spots in India where one can have spent quality time with friends and family. If you love visiting forts and get historical knowledge about it Gandikota is the best spot. This historical fort is situated in Andhra Pradesh and is quite a popular tourist attraction. Gandikota Fort was under the control of powerful dynasties, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

The fort is also famous for the Canyon, beautiful nature and penna river. People who are looking to get relaxed from their routine life must surely consider visiting this fort. There are no such Gandikota fort timings and thus you can visit at any time.

Gandikota fort

Which are the main tourist attractions at Gandikota fort?

The fort is not only famous as a historical place but also have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful canyon, river and much more.

Below are some of the tourist spot that can make your vacation very enjoyable and memorable:

1. Gandikota Canyon

The beautiful rocks which are assembled beautifully is one of the reasons that Gandikota Fort is also known as “Arizona of India”. The rocks are layered in such a way that it looks very mesmerizing and enhance the beauty of penna River near Gandikota. One can sit on the rocks and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is so relaxing and is a perfect gateway to take off from fast-moving life.

2. Belum Caves

These caves are one of the most popular tourist destinations. The beauty of caves can give you an experience as you are visiting some foreign countries. It is considered the second large cave system in terms of architecture and geology. One can snap pictures and gather some special memories while vesting Gandikota.

3. Gandikota fort

The fort is spread over large areas where you can take walk along the wall to enjoy the beautiful sunset. If you love getting knowledge on history this is the best spot as you can explore more about the history of the fort. One can enjoy this heritage and also get to know about Gandikota fort secrets while exploring. There is the granary, clock tower, mosque, temples which are enjoyable to visit and know more about ancient culture. You can know about a new civilization while visiting this beautiful place.

4. Temples

On a visit to Gandikota fort tourists can also visit two spectacular temples Madhavaraya and Raghunathaswamy. The architecture of these temples is very hard to find today and thus you can get to explore more about it. The pillars, hallways, corridors, etc. can give an idea about ancient civilization. The carving on pillars is very fascinating and shows us about our culture.

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5. Jamia Masjid

The elegant and beautiful looking mosque is also a famous spot to visit. The entrance of the mosque is designed quite differently and visiting this beautiful place I’ll give you some new experience.

6. Adventure activities

Tourist who loves adventure can opt for Gandikota fort camping. If you are with your friends camping in such a place is enjoyable. You will get a new experience and have a great time with your loved ones. There are many other adventurous activities like rock climbing and trekking. These adventures are also one of the reasons why people enjoy visiting this place to get a break from their routine life.

7. Gorge and Penna river

It is very difficult to get close to nature in our overcrowded cities but visiting Gandikota will bring you close to nature. The assembly of rocks, artwork and the beauty of the Penna River near Gandikota can give some memorable experience in life.

How to reach Gandikota?

If you are living in Hyderabad or Bangalore and looking to spend your weekend exploring a beautiful historical place this place is the best option. There are arioso ways to reach fort which are as follows:

  • Air: Bengaluru airport and Tirupati Airport are best for people who are looking out for Gandikota fort from Hyderabad. It will save time and make their weekend enjoyable and refreshing. Gandikota is approximately 6 hours away from Bengaluru airport while 4.5 hours away from Tirupati airport.
  • Rail: Jammalamadugu is the nearest railways station to Gandikota and it is just 18 km away. There is some other station like Kadappa and Tirupati which are 77kms and 219 km away from the fort. One coming from Bangalore or Tirupati must opt for a railway instead of a bus journey.
  • Road: Tourists who are looking out to visit Gandikota fort from Bangalore will find it as the best transportation option. The roads leading to Gandikota are smooth and connect various state highways that can make your road trip quite enjoyable. One who loves to have a new experience of road trips must opt for bikes and thus start the adventure right from their home.


Q1. Why visit Gandikota fort?

The beauty of canyon, river, fort and architecture are some of the reasons why people love to visit this historical place. People who are looking out to get relaxed and away from the crowd will find it as the best tourist option today.

Q2. When to visit the fort?

The best time to visit the fort is during summers especially from September to February. The climate is very pleasant and thus tourists can find it easy to explore more about the fort.

Q3. Is Gandikota fort an adventurous spot?

People who love new adventures in life and willing to try something new will find Gandikota as the best spot. Many people visit this fort to try some new adventures like camping, rock climbing, kayaking, cave exploration and hiking.

The growing popularity of Gandikota fort among tourist have made Andhra Pradesh to consider it as the hot spot tourist attraction. The government is planning to make it the major hub by introducing a different development plan and make it more in demand. So, if you are also looking out for some mini-vacation to get relaxed and have some quality time with family go for Gandikota fort.

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