Bangus Valley: Another Beautiful Paradise On Earth

Bangus Valley

Jammu & kashmir is a paradise on earth and it is considered as one of the best places to visit the natural beauty of the planet earth. If you have ever visited Jammu and Kashmir previously, you must know that this place has immense charm and beauty lies in every part of this place. It is home to many natural bodies and many beautiful locations, and one such heavenly place is “Bangus Valley”.

Bangus Valley

Bangus valley is no less than a mirror to the paradise on earth situated at an alleviation of 10,000 ft above sea level. The valley is located in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir, which is approximately 128 kilometers far from Srinagar. The valley is surrounded by the Shamsbery ranges,Chowkibal Mountains, and Leepa valley from its sides. The Bangus Valley gets its name from two words, the first word “Ban”, which is in interpretation of sanskrit term “Van”, meaning Forest. The second part “Gus”, means the “Grass”.

You may have heard about many famous valleys in India, but this beautiful grassland remains one of the best unexplored and offbeat locations in all over India.

Attractions Near Bangus Valley

The bangus valley map is spread on a landscape of around 300 kilometers and it is subdivided into two major parts which is the “Bod Bangus” also known as “Big Bangus” and the “Lokut Bang”, also known as the “Small Bangus”.

Nigeen Lake:

Nigeen Lake is sometimes considered to be a part of the famous Dal lake but it lies towards the west of the Dal Lake. Nigeen Lake is approximately 5.2 kilometers away from the bangus valley. 

Nigeen Lake

The lake is surrounded by the beautiful willow and poplar trees and it certainly looks like a jewel in the middle. This is why it is referred as the “nageena”, or in the local language you can call it “nigeen”. The lake is a perfect getaway for people who came to explore nearby locations near Bangus.


Parihaspora is another beautiful and ancient place to visit near the Bangus Valley, it’s situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Bangus and approximately 24 kilometers from Srinagar in the district of Baramulla.


The place is famous for its ancient monuments that were built during the reign of Lalityaditya Muktapid. Apart from the archaeological monuments, some remains of Buddhist Stupa and monastery are also found here.

Kheer Bhawani/Ksheer Bhawani Temple

If you are visiting the Bangus valley, then you must take a route of 16.5 kilometers away till the Kheer Bhawani temple and take the blessings with you.

Ksheer Bhawani Temple

The Kheer name was added to the temple’s name just because the rice pudding was served to please the goddess, and then the name Kheer Bhawani came into existence. The temple is made on a sacred spring and it is worshipped by all the Kashmiri Hindus. 

Manasbal Lake

Manasbal Lake is yet another beautiful place that can be a perfect sport for people looking for a day out near bangus. The lake is approximately 22 kilometers far from the valley, in the Ganderbal District of Jammu & Kashmir.

Manasbal Lake

The anime of this lake is said to be derived from the Manasarovar Lake. The lake is surrounded by the four villages namely, Jarokbal, Kondabal, Nesbal and Gratbal.

More About Bangus Valley In Kashmir

Bangus Valley Tourism

The Bangus Valley is surely a mesmerizing place but the land remains restricted due to the armed forces. However, new efforts are being made to put more infrastructure here and putting this beautiful location on the tourist map of Jammu and Kashmir.

Currently, the tour companies are offering packages where you can come and stay near this valley and explore the nearby locations. This picturesque landscape has received an investment of around Rs 2.31 crore, to be developed as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jammu & Kashmir.

Bangus Valley Weather

Although the best time to visit bnagus valley is throughout the year but if you want to enjoy the green meadows, along with short hills and lushy green grasslands then you must visit this place between April to September. Take a look at the bangus valley pics at this time of the year, you will definitely fall in love with the scenic beauty.

Hotels Near Bangus Valley

All the bangus valley hotels can be booked online from websites and there are so many guest houses, hotels and resorts available for instant booking. You can check out these two guest lodges near bangus with eye-catching views and best in class service.

  • Reshwari Tourist Spot (charges around Rs.1000)
  • Kishtwar Tourist Spot (charges around Rs. 1000)

Permit For Trekking In Bangus Valley

There is no such need for Bangus valley permit to trek, however you need to send you details to the “District Magistrate” before trekking. You need only two photographs, along with a photocopy of the government Id proof, and after that it will take around two days to get yourself cleared from the tourism authority.

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How To Reach Bangus Valley?

You can take a bus, train or airplane to reach the bangus valley easily. The closest city to the valley is Srinagar from where you can get all the transport services. If you’re going by road then the distance between kupwara to srinagar is 85 kms and it takes around 2.5 hours by road.

  • Nearest Bus Station – Srinagar Bus Stand
  • Nearest Train Station – Baramulla (64 kms)
  • Nearest Airport – Srinagar (90kms)

Distance From Other Towns

  • Bangus Valley distance from Srinagar – 150 kilometers
  • Kupwara to Bangus Valley distance – 70 kilometers
  • Pahalgam to Lolab Valley distance – 12 kilometers

Frequently Asked Questions About Bangus Valley

Q1: What is the best season to visit Bangus Valley?

Summers (April To September)is the best time to visit Bangus Valley.

Q2: Is a permit needed for trekking in Bangus Valley?

No, you only need to submit your two photos and an Id proof to get clearance.

Q3: Which is the nearest city to Bangus Valley?

Srinagar is the closest city to Bangus Valley which is approximately 150 kms far.

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