Borgo Finocchieto Resort: Best Luxurious Resort for Destination Wedding

Borgo Finocchieto Resort

Borgo Finocchieto Resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tuscany and is also the most loved place for destination weddings. It is a lavish old resorted Villa where popular Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli and gorgeous Diva, Anushka Sharma exchanged vows. The entire place is worth gazing as it is surrounded by beautiful valleys all around. Borgo Finocchieto Resort gives the true feeling of being in medieval Italy.

Borgo Finocchieto Resort

Where is Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

Borgo Finocchieto in Buoncovento is about an hour from the city of Tuscany. The word ‘borgo’ in Italian means ‘village’ and ‘Finochietto’ in Italian means an orchard, or fields, of fennel. This property was owned in 2001 and then, it took almost 8 years to make it look like 13th century-old medieval Village. It is at a distance of 34 km from the Italian station of Siena and 2 km from the Bibbiano Castle. Florence is an hour’s drive from the place, and Rome is two-and-a-half hours away. Italy’s wine capital, Montalcino is also near the Borgo Finocchieto Resort.

About the Resort

In total, the resort has five luxurious villas namely, Finocchieto, Colussi, Filippi, Santa Teresa and Fede. Each one of them is unique in their own ways and offers a comfortable stay to all the visitors. The resort can accommodate 44 people at a time. Special facilities are given to the guests as per their demands, also traditional Tuscan cuisine is served with Italian wines to visitors. Borgo Finocchieto Resort offers an unforgettable experience to all its guests and, you can also customize everything here according to your requirements.

Inside the Villa

The Villas in Borgo Finocchieto Resort include a formal dining room, outdoor dining terrace, a living room with a grand piano and study, a media room, library, bar, conference and a ballroom,  a cantina, wine-tasting room, a professional teaching kitchen, an interior arcaded courtyard, a piazza, extensive lawn, swimming pool, tennis courts, spa and garden spaces with different benches and a gazebo.

Historical Importance

This resort showcases the medieval time of Italy and is a restored 13th-century village. It is located on the road which the pilgrims used to take to reach Rome 800 years ago. There are also many historical sites which are situated near the Borgo Finocchieto Resort among them the most popular ones are Monte Oliveto and Sant Antimo.

Weddings at Borgo Finocchieto Resort

The exquisite lawns, wine-tasting rooms, and gazebo at the Borgo Finocchieto Resort make it a perfect venue for high profile Wedding. In fact, there are many celebrities who have been spotted at this beautiful location for spending some good times.

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Be it a formal corporate event,  a grand wedding affair, anniversary or a family gathering this resort has everything to make any ceremony extraordinary leaving a strong impact on everyone. United States President Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle has also spent family vacations at this lavish resort.

Cost of wedding in Borgo Finocchieto

As it is the most expensive resort so it would take approximately 13 Lakh per person. Including all the arrangements like decoration, food, flight tickets and stay the cost of a wedding in Borgo Finocchieto might go up to Rs 50 crore to 150cr depending on a number of your guests and their requirements.

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Borgo Finocchieto rates or cost per night

Borgo Finocchieto Resort is the second costliest resort in the world and is also one of the most exclusive places in Italy for Weddings. It also came under the ‘ list of the 20 most expensive holiday destinations in the world in ‘Forbes’.  The Borgo Finocchieto rates or cost per night varies from INR 650000 to INR 1400000. Staying at the resort for a week would easily amount up to INR 1 crore.


Q1: Which popular attractions are near Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

Some of the popular attractions are Murlo, Palazzo, Vescovile and Castello Tricerchi.

Q2: Which are the famous historical sites near Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

The most visited historical sites near the Borgo Finocchieto are Santa Cristina Archaeological Site, Castelrosi and Pieve di Santa Cristina.

Q3: What is the cost per night at Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

The rate varies between RS 6, 50,000 to 14, 00,000 per night

Q4: How far is the city of Milan from Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

It is a 4 to 5-hour drive from Resort to Milan.

Q5: How many Villas are there in Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

In total, the resort has five luxurious villas namely, Finocchieto, Colussi, Filippi, Santa Teresa and Fede.

Q6: Which is the best wine served at Borgo Finocchieto Resort?

Chianti Classico from the North and Montalcino from the Southwest are the best wines served at Borgo Finocchieto Resort.

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