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At Travelpedia.holiday we strive to provide you comprehensive information on your favorite destinations so that you can take better and well-informed holiday decisions. We are a team of nomads and apt travelers. Each of us is inspired by insatiable passion for travel and adventure. With this blog we share advice on varied attractions in travel destinations around the world. We provide solid tips and travel ideas that help you make your journey fulfilling and unforgettable.

At Travelpedia.holiday our motto is to help travelers learn more about their favorite destinations, places to explore there and ways to make a perfect plan from scratch to make the most of their trips. We are a global community of handful of experienced travel experts. With our in-depth blogs, stories and reviews we share unbiased destination recommendations and offer travelers a curated collections of places to stay, hotels, rentals and things to do while holidaying.


Q1. Do we sell any package trip?

No, but we’ve tie-up with many trusted travel agents where we redirect you there for genuine and budgeted trip